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The swimming pool trade can be very specialised. Established over 25 years ago we at A G Budget Pools & Spas are very well qualified to help you. Buying from inexperienced sources can be an expensive or dangerous mistake.

We keep our prices low by tight margins and no frills down to earth efficiency. We our proud of our fast, professional individual service which we want to keep the best in the UK. Beware of opportunists who reduce prices by cutting corners on choice, reliability & aftercare. We sell top quality products just like other reputable pool companies, but at a fraction of the cost and with expert advice available when you need it.

Inground Pools

Inground Pools

Traditional swimming pool kits. Liner, solid mosaic, marblite etc. Concrete block, panel or one piece. Lowest UK prices!
More information about varieties of inground pools available.

Sunken Pools

Sunken Pools

The affordable alternative to traditional inground pools. Most of our Above Ground pools can be sunk in the ground at a fraction of the cost of traditional swimminmg pools. more details

Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools

Economical Luxury swimming pools for all the family
Large or small to fit any garden or patio. Also low costy splashers for the children's holidays

What kind of pool should I choose?

Wooden swimming Pools

glass fibre shells

Natural timber & liner pools. Above or below ground. Comprehensive selection of shapes, sizes & manufacturers. Heavily discounted prices. Above or inground. Exciting options including built in swimjets or even matching cabins.

One piece pools & swimspas

glass fibre shells

One piece glassfibre swimming pools. Small patio pools to magnificent big shells. Plus compact swim spas & jet pools.

Copings & Paving Stones

coping stones

English or Caraterra French Sahara & Ardoise. Beautiful choice of colours & textures. Plus Easy deck drainage.

coping stones

Swimming Pool Liners

swimming pool liners

Custom made. Leading UK manufacturers. Certikin, Aquaflex, Plastica. Best quality you can buy anywhere but at lowest prices. Huge selection of colours & designs.

Pool & Spa Covers

Swimming Pool Covers

Thermal and solar covers. Winders. Winter debris protection. Safety & Automatic systems. Soft and hard hot-tub covers.

Safety & Automatic Covers

Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Swimming pool reels & safety covers. Automatic tracked systems, budget all season manual safety covers, or slatted covers

Swimming Pool Heaters

Swimming Pool Heaters

Modern technology economical heating. Any budget or swimming season, indoors or out. Heatpumps, solar, electric, gas, heat exchangers or oil.

Countercurrent Swimjets

countercurrent wave machines

Make even small pools seem endless. Counter current swimming machines for serious triathlete training or just cheap and cheerful fun "wave machines". Built in or afterthought retro-fitted over the wall of any swimming pool.

Pool Enclosures

swimming pool enclosures

Swimming pool buildings and enclosures. Phone for everything from low cost air domes to luxury structures, telescopic or fixed

Pool Steps & Stairs

glassfibre stair units

Luxury walk in stairs. Round D-shape classy roman ends or practical square designs. Built in spa options. Also stainless steel ladders, hand rails, waterslides, and diving boards. Also retro-fit luxury afterthought walk in steps.

Dehumidification & Ventilation

dehumifiers ventillation

A necessity for indoor pools for comfort and safety. Surprisingly cheap to run. Heat recovery systems save a fortune on heating your pool hall. Calorex, Vaporex or no frills superb quality wall hung budget units.

Water Treatment

non chlorine water treatment

Salt chlorinators - ionisers - ozone - UV - mineral systems.

swimming pool chemicals

Swimming Pool Safety

swimming pool safety

Safety Alarms, fences & covers for swimming pools & all aquatic activities

Other Pool Equipment

Other Pool Equipment

pool cleaners, pumps, filters etc.

Underwater Lights

swimming pool enhancements including LED lights, Fibre Optics, Waterfalls & Water Curtains

Spas & Swimspas

jacuzzis jacuzzis

Hot Tubs & Countercurrent Pools. Magnificent mosaiced or low cost Luxury on a budget. Phone to discuss the spa of your dreams.



sauna cabins

Saunas are the Scandinavian way to cleanse and rejuvinate body and soul