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Family Above Ground Swimming Pools

From Vogue (Discovery, Impact, Notika), Doughboy (Sierra Falls, Sand Dollar, Premier, Whispers), Garden Leisure GLP (Regatta, Equinox, Mirage), Trevi, and many other brands.

Our deluxe packages include pump, high rate sand filter & media, plumbing, ladder, liner, wall system, skimmer, water return, & detailed instructions. Our luxury Above Ground Pools are also suitable for decking and sinking or semi-sinking in the ground. Click here for tips on landscaping your pool and garden

These pools have the same highest quality filtration as the best Inground pools. Many different sizes - for example Round 12', 15', 18', 21', 24' etc. Oval 12'x8', 15'x10', 18'x12', 20'x12', 24'x12', 30'x15', 32'x16', 33'x18' etc.

Option of Enclosures & Domes from under £1000

Relatively straightforward & quick to install - above or below the ground. Most can be sunk partly or almost fully in the ground, landscaped or timber decked at a fraction of the cost of "traditional" Inground Pools. Equipment is for sale individually or in our complete Discount Packages.

Above ground pools must be installed on firm level ground. Always dig down to level. Never build up with soil or sand. All "depths" quoted in our pricelists refer to approx maximum wall height. Actual water depths are obviously a few inches less.

Sinkable Swimming Pools

The swimming pools above can all be sunk, partly or almost fully, in the ground, or erected completely free standing above ground. They are ideal to landscape or timber deck, and all at a low fraction of the cost of a "traditional" Inground Pool.

Click here for inground installation instructions

Wooden Swimming Pools


Big Brother style fashionable wooden swimming pools. Several different brands and size ranges to choose from. Hexagonal and long hexagon "oval" pools. Ready to create a beautiful piece of your garden landscape, integrating pool, deck, plants, patio and lawn.


Above Ground or Inground Freestanding Block Kits


Taylor your swimming pool to your personal needs for a traditional pool at above ground pool prices.

Choose whatever size, depth and even shape you desire.

Can be erected as much as 2 metres above ground without braces. Perfect if you have restricted access.

freestanding block kits brochure

High Strength Instant Rectangular Pools

These pools are constructed using advanced high tech steel and aluminium supporting structures, and seriously high strength tear proof fabric, like that used on the sides of trucks. These pools will last a very long time indeed. Not to be confused with cheap and nasty pools from other web sites and toy shops - the swimming pool equivalent of beach toys - which may keep going for a couple of years if you are lucky!


Instant Fold Up Portable Pools

Instant fold up portable pools. Similar to above, these are the oval and circular versions of our strong long lasting instant portable swimming pools. Please do not mistake these pools for others that may look similar in photographs, but are obviously inferior when you actually buy them. Our pools come with proper filtration systems, compatible with any cleaning and heating systems you may like to add. The pump and filter alone are worth more than complete kits elsewhere of the cheap flimsy chinese imitation variety

Budget Lowest Cost Splasher Pools

Budget lowest cost Splashers. Exactly what you need, if you just want something cheap and cheerful to swim right now and keep the kids happy, or maybe you want to "dip your toes in the water" and try something before committing yourself to a proper swimming pool a few years down the line. Choose between pools you can erect quickly and put away for the winter, or more solid permanent solid steel walled pools to leave up all the time.

A G Budget - the original above ground pool ambassadors since 1986

There are still "dinosaur" pool companies who want you to spend more than you need or can afford. The fact is that (even if money is no object) our pre-fabricated pools may well provide exactly what you are looking for at big savings in cost and time!

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