Rustic French sophistication

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Rustic style from France. Gorgeous texture. Realistic reconstituted stone.

Full of character and atmosphere, these Caraterra stones are moulded with the aim of looking like a faithful reproduction of old stones and patina. Designed to have the look of traditional farmhouse pavements and flooring, they are subtle, discrete and comfortable under foot. We offer a very comprehensive range of shapes and colours.

The irregular natural texture of this delicately ribbed reconstituted stone enhances the play of light and shadow. They look impressive on any terrace or pool deck. Please note that on some computers colours may appear darker than in real life. These copings actually have a glorious warm subtle pale hue which is difficult to reproduce here.

Why not also treat yourself to our beautiful matching 500mm x 500mm paving stones.

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french paving stone

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paving stones french style
The beautifully textured sandy buff is by far the most popular. Also available in off-white and pinkish beige.
ardoise stones      french textured pool surrounds ardoise coping stones
caraterra chic flat margelles      pool stone decking  click on pool elements above   

Ardoise are 35cm wide (just under 14") flat copings. They are nominally 35mm thick, but this can vary by plus or minus 3mm. Corners can be radiused 15cm (6"), or 90o. We can supply coping sets for pools of any size, with a good range of curved copings for shaped pools.

Lay copings with their rounded bullnose sides nearest to the water and the back adjacent to paving etc. If laying around a circle or D-end use normal curves with their rounded edges pointing towards the pool.

Use reverse curves only round parts of the pool which bulge towards the pool. Seen from the bullnose side, the edges are further away than the middle.

Prices & Specifications

straights radius corner square corner curves reverse curves 90° external corner roman end corner
+coping joint grout mix
+vat = £32
1x 25kg bag per 10 sq.m.
Dall Coping Joint Mix R 150 Angle Coping Stones 90° Angle Coping Stones Curved Coping Stones Reverse Curved Coping Stones Springing Salient Angle (for Steps) Right or Left Springing Salient Angle Coping Stones

Ardoise 350 mm wide range
(approx 13.8" flat)

sizes available 500mm long 150mm (6") rad
- Radius 610 1000 1500 2000 - - right or left
price each including VAT £15.62+vat = £18.75 £32.12+vat = £38.55 - £22.29+vat = £26.75 - - £32.12+vat = £38.55
approx weight 17.5 kg 24 kg - 17.5 kg - - 19 kg

Matching Paving Slabs (500 x 500 mm)
approx 35 mm thick, per sq.m. (4 flagstones 82.5 kg)
£45.9 +vat = £55.08

CARATERRA - Flagstones

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