cleaning robots

for all swimming pools

Labour saving robotic cleaners

Huge range of options for all kinds of pools

Save money on pool maintenance. Create extra time to enjoy your swimming pool spontaneously with friends and family

Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Hydraulic suction powered

big brother pools

The lowest cost cleaners for every swimming pool. Simple and easy to connect. Work from your ordinary pool pump, wandering around randomly sucking up rubbish while you relax.

Electric Pool Cleaners

big brother pools

Completely independent from the pool filtration system with self contained motor and debris collection. For discerning private pool owners and also for commercial and public pools.

Pressure Cleaning Machines

big brother pools

Sophisticated robots that blow dirt under pressure into their own self contained collection pockets. They connect to your pool water return from your existing pump and filter. Most come with their own booster pumps. We also sell booster pumps on their own for numerous existing cleaners.


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