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Exercise for swimmers of all ages & abilities. Good fun for everyone.

Through the wall built in swim stream swimming jet systems.

Healthy enjoyment for all the family and friends.

Budget prices but no sacrifice in quality.

Swim on the spot in a never ending stream of water. Turn your pool into an exciting fitness playground

Budget Counter Current Powerful Swimmer Units

Special prices


hydrotherapy calypso

JetVag "WaveJet" countercurrent machine. Replaces Calipso Hidrojet. Easy to install, equipment to transform your new swimming pool into a bubbly water stream. Forces water at high speed. Adjustable for required resistance.

  • Adjustable pivoted nozzle. Swing & tilt to change direction. Air intake suction tube for stronger & more bubbly current.
  • Attractively designed front facia with pneumatic push-button
  • Housing for pre-installation thru pool wall with check valve and air induction tubes.
  • Electropneumatic control panel, with air relays and RCD protection
  • Complete with valves and elbows, ready to connect to your own 63mm swimming pool pipe
  • countercurrent jetvag
3hp (2.3kw) 50 cu.m./hr - choice of normal or 3-phase electricity supply. £965
3hp (2.3kw) SUPER FAST version 70 cu.m./hr with remote control. Normal single phase electrics. £1569
4hp (3kw) SUPER FAST 80 cu.m./hr with remote control - 3-phase electricity supply. £1669

Aquajet     budget overwall countercurrent

budget hanging exercizer
Amazing performance from such a compact portable unit at such a low A G Budget Special price!

The Aqua Jet 50 has an output of 48 cubic metres. It is equipped with LEDs that are integrated into the lid jets, and illuminate your swimming pool at night. The Light switch is accessible from within the swimming pool.

Aqua Jet 50 is claimed by the manufacturers to have enough performance for even quite good swimmers. Manual

But please note that the power is only 1.1kw (roughly 1.5hp) and NOT 2.5 kw (more than 3hp) as stated on some competitors websites.

For really serious training there is no substitute for our original Fastlane Swimjet from Endless Pools

Pneumatic control switches on and off from within pool. Weight only 20kg.
Aqua Jet 50 Hanging counter current unit 1.1kw (about 1.5hp) £995

Certikin HGS Swimjet

hydroswim counter current swimmer
Complete with heavy duty HGS pump for powerful exercise currents in all swimming pools.

  • Attractive faceplate assembly with suction and return and safe non-electric pneumatic air control button
  • Electrical control box containing safety air switch relay
  • HGS self priming pump
  • valves and elbows for connection
This counter-current unit fits normal thick walled swimming pool pipe. We have not included the pipe itself in our discount price above, because it is quite inexpensive and the amount you require depends on whether you wish to position the power unit immediately behind the pool wall or further away, in the plant room for example. Unlike some swim jets, the self priming drive unit pump can suck as well as blow, which means that you can position it above the waterline, if this is more convenient.
Aquaspeed 3hp swimjet £1499

Espa Counter Current System

infinity swimming
  • Directional outlet nozzle
  • Adjustable water flow rate and air/water mix
  • Suitable for liner and concrete pools
  • Operated by air switch from inside the pool
  • Powerful performance
  • Flowrates challenge all swimmers
  • Single phase pump: 3hp (2.3kW) provides 60 m3/h
  • Self priming up to 4m
  • Can be installed up to 3m from pool

63mm flexible pipe Plumbing Kit contains:

  • 2 x 75mm Female Threaded Plain Socket
  • 2 x 75mm to 63mm Reducing Bushes
  • 2 x 63 mm Double Union Ball valve
  • 2 x 3m 63mm Flexible Pipe
  • 1 x 500ml Quick Drying Pipe Cement

75mm pipework advised if pump over 3m from jet. Please phone for advice

3hp (2.3kw) Espa swimjet system £1499
plumbing kit 63mm £119

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