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Air Domes

Low cost unobtrusive swimming pool enclosures

Cosy sheltered inexpensive swimming space. Considerable warming of the air and water, made even better by keeping the wind out. Aquaflex and Plastica are the main manufacturers. Choice of colours and styles. Reduces accumulation of debris in pool and hence chemical usage. Also helps to limit entry by children and pets.

oval swimming pools

Budget Telescopic Rigid Pool Enclosures

Superb value protected swimming

Our Slidey enclosures come as comprehensive DIY kits in a range of sizes. Available in budget swimming height versions, or superior enclosures with full standing room. Assembled in hours. Amazing quality for such low prices. Inexpensive professional installation available if preferred.


oval swimming pools

Flexible Telescopic Swimming Pool Domes

Concertina style structures

AmazonEnclosures. 100% folding pool enclosures. Telescoping Pool Buildings from France. Easily demounted. Discrete, Flexible, Adaptable. No rails. Adaptable. Tough. Safety cover functionality. Full height or low profile

oval swimming pools

Flexible Fixed Swimming Pool Domes

Uncomplicated clever effective. Classic design

French manufactured Compax swimming pool enclosures. Please phone us for prices and details.

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Luxury Full Height Telescopic Pool Enclosures

Extravagent style at surprisingly affordable costs

Eureka, Algarve etc. Please phone us to arrange a survey and quotation.

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Low Profile Swimming Pool Enclosures

Abris Sud structures for covering swimming pools

Abris Sud from the Cote D'Azur. Telescopic or satationary. Safety covers and so much more. Astonishingly low discount prices for such amazing quality and performance.


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