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Patented technology produces a powerful non-turbulent current to improve swimming training, performance & fitness. Enables you to concentrate on the fluency & subtlety of your stroke, by eliminating distractions like flip-turns etc. Be a stronger, healthier swimmer, whether training to be an Olympic butterfly champion or just swimming for sheer joy. Endorsed by swimming coaches, physical therapists and professional athletes since 1987. Over 10,000 in use worlwide.

Works with almost any pool - concrete, fiberglass, gunite, masonry, vinyl-lined and above ground. Fastlane is 21” wide and suits any pool wall with at least 35” water depth & 24” clearance either side for water intake.

Engineered to be economical, reliable & extremely safe. Six discrete inlet grills, comprising more than 5 square feet of dispersed intake, eliminate any possibility of entrapment. Hydraulic mechanics make it impossible for electricity to be anywhere near water.

Easy to operate. Press ON/OFF button on remote-control. Adjust speed to desired pace with FASTER and SLOWER buttons. Swim into the current & keep swimming. To stop, swim out of the current and press ON/OFF again.

Like opening up a health club at home. Perfect for every level swimmer, from dog-paddlers to experienced competitors.

Fastlane creates a turbulence free completely adjustable stream that mimics a smooth flowing river. Wider than your body and deeper than your stroke, yet narrow enough to allow others to enjoy your pool at the same time. Generates a wide block of crystal clear bubble free water, unlike "fireman's hose" jetted alternatives . Numerous non-swimming applications. Water aerobics, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, aqua jogging, fun & leisure.

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Endless Pools Fastlane Counter Current Systems

countercurrent swimjets
Special A G Budget discount prices including VAT. Complete system, wall hung or new build. Corrosion resistant thermoformed acrylic casing, in choice of silver or sapphire blue. (316 stainless steel casing available as an optional extra). Wall Mount Fastlane anchors directly into pool wall & sits at water level. Typically installed while pool being constructed or refurbished. Deck Mount version installs easily over the side of an existing pool, secured by sleek stainless steel rails . 2 years warranty.
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Certikin Sports Pools with Fastlane


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Certikins deluxe wooden pools, complete with through wall Fastlane countercurrent unit. Amazing discount prices for such quality. It's like having an olympic pool in your back garden.

Made of scandinavian redwood (walls) and yellow balau (top ledge) to the highest specifications. These pools have no side buttresses (which can be obtrusive and take up space), nor do they require any concreted-in steel supports, making installation far easier. Packages come complete with steps (stainless steel inside, wood outside), flow fittings, filtration, maintenance kit, cover and a 30 thou liner.

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Certikin Dolphin Sport 4.7m x 2.9m with Fastlane

You are not restricted to these two sizes.

Certikin Dolphin Sport 6m x 4.2m with Fastlane

We can custom manufacture to your preferred size at very little extra cost.

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