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Equipment & Accessories for Swimming Pools & Spas

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pumps, filters, wall fittings, pipework, liners, coping stones, mosaics, pool maintenance equipment, manual & automatic cleaners, ladders, walk-in steps, underwater lights, chemicals & chemical feeders, Covers, solar & thermal covers & rollers, winter debris covers, manual and automatic safety covers, safety fencing, pool & spa heaters, Electric heaters from under £300 - inexpensive & cheap to run "off peak", gas heaters from around £1000 - the best choice for many. Rapid heat any time - weatherproof - natural gas or propane, heat exchangers from under £250 for use with an existing boiler, solar heating - "free heat" on the roof or ground - a popular choice! oil heaters - self contained - greater outlay initially, but economic to run. Ideal for larger pools & where gas is impractical - from around £2000, heat pumps - up to five times more heat out than the energy consumed, heat from air - very economical despite initially higher cost.

solar heating
pool boilers
pool enclosures
automatic covers
health and safety
timber buildings
telescopic pool coverings

Other items to increase the enjoyment of your pool

A Pool is a never-ending stream with a swim-jet counter-current machine, diving boards & water slides - great fun - check they're safe with your pool, ventilation and dehumidification - essential to protect pool buildings from harmful corrosive damp air & provide a pleasant safe bathing environment. For most, a simple & inexpensive self-contained wall or floor unit is ideal. For larger installations, & commercial pools, a ducted system may be best. Please contact us for our free design & quotation service. Enclosures for Swimming Pools. We have enclosures to suit all tastes and budgets. Inexpensive, simple & graceful air supported domes, luxury frame supported domes with flexible coverings. Rigid Enclosures with varying specifications, sizes, materials & prices. Ranging from simple polycarbonate & acrylic structures to the most luxurious, elegant & stylish enclosures you can buy. Telescopic Pool Enclosures are very popular & cost effective, and easily slide open, for fresh air swimming in hot weather

Swimming Pool Heaters, Covers, Plumbing, Fun, Comfort, & Safety

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Equipment & Accessories for Swimming Pools & Spas

Lowest Prices & Best UK Value Guaranteed
Fittings, pipework, automatic safety pool coversswimming pool buildingspumps, filters, liners, coping stones, mosaics, maintenance kits, pool cleaners, ladders, roman end steps, underwater lights, chemicals & feeders, solar & thermal covers, rollers, winter debris covers, manual and automatic covers, safety fencing...
Pool and Spa Heaters
Electric from under £150 - cheap to run "off peak"
Swimming Pool Gas Boilers from around £1000
Rapid economic heat any time. Indoors or outdoors.
Natural gas or propane / LPG
Heat Exchangers under £250 for existing boilers.
Solar Heating - on roof or ground. "Free Heat" from the sun - an increasingly economic & popular choice.
Oil Heaters - greater outlay, but economic to run.
Ideal for larger pools & where gas unavailable.
Heat Pumps - "Free" heat from the air worth up to five times the cost of electric energy they consume.
Swim Jets & counter-current machines
to make your pool seem to go on forever.
Diving Boards & Water Slides - great fun
but make sure they're safe with your pool.

air dome structuresrooftop solar heating panels Ventilation & Dehumidification
Essential for indoor pools. Protect fabric of buildings from harmful, corrosive damp air. Provide a pleasant & safe environment for bathers and spectators.
Simple inexpensive self-contained wall units are perfectly adequate for most domestic users .
A sophisticated ducted systems may be preferred
for larger domestic & commercial installations .
Contact us for free designs & quotations.
Enclosures - "sun-traps" to extend the swimming season. Options to suit all tastes and budgets.
Air Supported Domes - simple, graceful, economic.
Framed Domes with flexible coverings.
Rigid Buildings of varying specification & price
from polycarbonate & acrylic structures to the most luxurious, elegant & stylish enclosures around.
Telescopic Pool Enclosures - slide open for fresh air in hot weather. A popular, cost effective choice.
Please contact us or phone 0208-941-6618 for details

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