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A precision engineered never ending swimming system, where you swim or exercise against a smooth current that’s fully adjustable to any speed or ability. Ideal for:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Swimming & Water Exercise
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Triathlon Training
  • Family Fun
  • Pure Enjoyment

The size of the hydraulic Power unit is 24 inches long – 18 inches wide – 20 inches high


Can be fitted in virtually any good swimming pool. Beautifully smooth laminar flow - although it may get a bit choppy if the pool surface area is much less than about 180 sq.ft. Minimum water depth required is 35". 5HP power unit can be placed up to 200' / 60 metres away. 16" propeller. Remote controlled. Adjustable speed setting suitable for all swimming levels. Ideal for exercise, therapy and fun.



Swim Propulsion Unit

Hydraulically-powered, 16", low-turbulence propeller with proprietary water straightening technology. Weight = 55kg (including rails).

Hydraulic Power Unit

5 or 6-HP electric powered system located up to 200' from pool. Comes as standard with 25ft of hydraulic hoses. Pumps up to 6 gal/min of biodegradable fluid. Weight = 65kg. Electric Requirements: 208—240 volts, 50 Hz, 30 Amp GFCI service. Warranty: 2 Years.

Swim Speed Control

Water-resistant, wireless, remote control. 52 discrete programmable speeds. Maximum 66 second 100 yard pace (5-HP). Maximum 58 second 100 yard pace (6-HP optional).

Swim Pace Display

6" high-visibility digital LED display (optional). Modular phone jack connection.

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Fastlane Specifications:

  • Fastlane construction: thermoformed acrylic
  • Fastlane water inlet: 6 sided, 6.3 square foot inlet grill
  • Fastlane water outlet: 21” x 15” shock resistant, hexagonal, ABS grill
  • water-resistant, wireless, remote control
  • 52 discrete programmable speeds
  • maximum 66-second 100-yard pace (5 hp)
  • maximum 58-second 100-yard pace (optional 6 hp)
  • 7” high-visibility LED swim pace display (optional)
  • Fastlane swim propulsion unit: hydraulically-powered, 16”,  low-turbulence propeller
  • Fastlane hydraulic power unit 5 hp (optional 6 hp) electric powered system
  • Fastlane electric requirements: 208–240 volts, 60 Hz, 30 Amp GFCI service
  • 2 year warranty   

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How fast is the Fastlane swim current? The standard Fastlane® produces a non-turbulent current that has a top speed equivalent to approximately a 22-minute mile pace. The optional Hi-Performance current reduces that time to a 17-minute mile pace.

Is the speed of the Fastlane swim current adjustable? The Fastlane uses a remote control to adjust the speed to suit any level of swimming or exercise ability.

How is the Fastlane swim current generated? Is it safe? It is powered by hydraulics to keep electricity away from the pool area. The rugged Hydraulic Power Unit is located remotely. Environmentally safe, non-food grade, biodegradable vegetable oil is used to power the Fastlane. Up to five gallons of fluid flow per minute to and from the Fastlane in hydraulic hoses. This fluid powers the special hydraulic motor in the Fastlane Swim Unit, which turns the propeller and generates the swim current.

What are the power requirements? The Power Unit requires 220-Volt, 30-Amp, GFCI electric service, similar to power requirements of a common household clothes dryer.

Where can I put the Fastlane power unit? Preferably indoors. Outdoors is possible but only with suitable protection from the effects of any wet environment. It should be elevated from the ground and placed on a flat surface.

Can the Fastlane be used with a salt system? Yes, if the pool and Fastlane Swim Unit are both properly bonded.




The Deck Mount Fastlane can be self-installed by a reasonably handy homeowner or handyman. The Wall Mount Fastlane is typically installed by your pool builder during construction. If necessary, any electrical modifications should be completed by a licensed electrician.

How does the Deck Mount Fastlane attach to my pool? There is a 6" long stainless steel mounting plate that is anchored to your pool deck with three fasteners. There are two 1-½" long stub tubes on this mounting plate and the deck rails of the Fastlane slip over these stub tubes to secure the Swim Unit to the pool deck.

The rails attach to your pool deck 16" back from the pool wall. There is a cover for the deck plate and hose fittings that extends back an additional 12". Keep in mind that every pool wall is different and your individual situation may vary.

The Fastlane can easily be removed from your swimming pool. Additionally, you can have several installation locations for your Deck Mount Fastlane as long as you have additional mounting plates and your hydraulic hoses are an adequate length.

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When completely assembled, the Fastlane Swim Unit is 34" tall, 18" deep and 21" wide.  When the rails are attached to the Deck Mount Fastlane, they add an additional 2" on each side to bring the width to 25". The rails extend 19" above the Deck Mount Fastlane Swim Unit and 16" behind the pool wall. When the Deck Mount Fastlane is installed on your pool deck, the rails rise approximately 13" above your pool deck, depending on the freeboard height.

The Fastlane Swim Unit is designed to fit in virtually any pool. We recommend that the pool have 180 sq. ft. of surface area and have 35" water depth at the location where you plan to install your Fastlane Swim Unit.

How does the Wall Mount Fastlane attach to my pool? A wall mounting bracket is secured in your pool wall during construction or refurbishment. The hydraulic hoses run through the wall mounting bracket and pool wall, under the pool deck, and emerge back near the Power Unit.

At the end of the swimming season, it is recommended the Fastlane Swim Unit be removed from the swimming pool and winterized. Freezing will not affect the oil that remains in your hydraulic hoses.


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