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A uniquely engineered swimming pool product like nothing else on the market

Your swimming pool will seem to go on endlessly like a relentlessly flowing river. Fast, wide, powerful, smooth controllable current. Imagine racing as far as you like in your own straight swimming lane without turning. Instead of pumping water at you through a nozzle, this brilliant piece of engineering has a large paddle wheel driven by hydraulic fluid for far less turbulence plus much wider and more powerful swimming currents.

Click here for more images and movies showing how well these wonderful machines perform, plus more technical specifications.

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Or turn any of our pools into a Swim Stream - particularly our high strength rectangular portable swimming pools.

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Hydraulically driven paddle wheel - nearly twice as powerful as other jets

Easy Installation & Maintenance. Built in through the wall or completely portable. Just roll your FastLane swim River machine across your pool deck and hang it into the water. Simple hydraulics means no electricity poolside. Fits anywhere. Free form, rectangular; gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, new construction or retrofit. It puts the Swim back into any swimming pool. Pool too short for a good swim? The Fast Lane swimming river device lets you swim as long as you like without turning. Adjust it to your pace and enjoy swimming in a smooth, even, river-like current. You'll love the quality of our adjustable-speed, swim-current. Kids love it because it's just plain fun, like transforming your pool into a waterpark.

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There’s nothing quite like a backyard pool… the pool of our memories and our dreams.  A natural gathering place for family and friends, kids playing, floating lounger, drink and book in hand… If you want to swim, though, a backyard pool is just too short. Five strokes – wall – five strokes – wall – five strokes – wall… it gets old fast. Even a 40-foot pool is not enough to get into a swimming rhythm. 

That’s where we come in. We built the Fastlane® for those who already have a pool – or those who cherish the look of a traditional freeform pool – but who still desire the fitness and health benefits of swimming. We offer two models appropriate for virtually any backyard pool:

  • The Deck Mount Fastlane caters to those retrofitting an existing pool. The Fastlane unit attaches to the deck like a pool ladder, held in place by a deck plate bolted to the pool deck. Stainless-steel rails contain the hydraulic hoses that keep electricity far from the water.
  • For new construction or major pool renovations, our Wall Mount Fastlane anchors directly to the pool wall at the waterline. All connections and hoses remain out of sight, beneath the pool deck.

With either Fastlane model, you enjoy the highest quality swim current available: smooth, even, and completely adjustable in speed with a handy, water-resistant remote. Monitor your swim with our high-visibility digital display. Challenge yourself with a top speed of a 1:06 100-yard pace.

The Fastlane truly transforms your backyard pool from passive amusement to a center for lifelong health and entertainment. With the Fastlane, you can swim in place at whatever pace you set. Imagine owning a clean, utterly private river only a few feet from your back door. For play, exercise, relaxation, and complete personal well being, nothing outpaces the Fastlane. 

Also available as the SwimStream hook on version for our high strength rectangular portable swimming pools

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NEW! FastLane Pool

Complete self contained portable quick assembly Exercise Pool from Endless Pools

Complete with hook over Fastlane countercurrent swimming unit.

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Certikin Pool with underwater Fastlane

Superior quality wooden pool with built-in Fastlane.

Through wall Fastlane swimjet included.

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Alternative Countercurrent Units & Swimspas

If all this is a bit over the top for you, there are more economical ways of achieving an endless pool experience. If you want to convert an inground or above ground pool, or add a swimjet to an existing pool, then see our large range of other through wall & retro fit over the wall Swim Jets


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