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Dehumidifiers on their own do an excellent job of drying the air and recovering heat from the water vapour. Left to themselves however they will simply recycle the same air over and over again and the pool hall atmosphere may eventually become stale muggy and smelly. Opening doors and windows, and using conventional extractor fans, will quickly provide fresh air, but this could be costly during colder months, because so much heat can escape from the pool hall. The answer is heat recovery ventilation. This is not an alternative to dehumidification. Ideally both should be considered together.

A heat recovery unit has two fans, one in, and one out. The two air streams pass on either side of an efficient air heat exchanger, which transfers a high proportion of the heat from the warm but stale air going out, to the cold fresh air coming in, offering 70% heat recovery or more.

stop rot and humidity

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Through the Wall Heat Recovery Ventilation Units. Self contained. Straightforward to fit.

E300 is ideal for most domestic pools. Indux E1 is recommended for larger pools.

Indux brochure      Click here for further details about remote or semi-remote systems where simple through wall is not practical.

Indux E-300

dual fan through wall heat recovery ventilator

  Indux E300 optional speed controller with Indux E300 optional humidistat Extension for walls over 325mm  


self contained high capacity dual fan through wall heat recovery ventilator

  Indux E1 Option Speed Controller      

Semi Remote Units

for siting in wall, complete with fans and 2 spigots

Requires ducting and grilles.
  Indux E300 RW6 150mm diameter spigots Indux-4 300mm diameter spigots      

Fully Remote Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System

"Big Bertha" for internal mounting, complete with 4 spigots

Requires ducting and grilles.
  Indux E300 R6 150mm diameter spigots        

Please contact us if you require further details about any of our dehumidification systems. Our range includes everything from inexpensive self contained wall hung units to sophisticated fully ducted heat recovery air drying and circulation systems.


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