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See below for our fabulous collection of luxury all in one swimming pool shells and kits. Ready to install at budget prices

Swim River Pools

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Interesting and practical shapes. Perfect if you desire a more complex configuration which would be extremely difficult and expensive to produce from scratch using traditional construction methods. Exciting inclusive spa, swimspa and swimjet possibilities. Manufactured to the highest quality in the UK.

Sunshine Swimming Pools

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A beautiful range of shapes and sizes to blend with every space from the smallest patio to the largest estate. The highest quality workmanship at very reasonable prices. From South Africa and from the UK.

Luxury all mosaiced pools, spas and swimspas

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The perfect solution for entertaining, exercising or just simple relaxation. Beautiful hand tiled finish in a comprehensive choice of superb mosaics.

Choose from an excellent range of sizes with or without built in spas or countercurrent machines.

Please call us for full details, prices and options.

Riviera all in one swimming pool systems

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The ultimate luxury all inclusive swimming pool systems. Unsurpassed German precision and manufacturing quality. Exceptional choice of pool sizes, colours and design options. Stainless steel pool fittings. Pump and filtration integrated into the pool shell. Highly insulated, equivalent to triple glazing. TUV certified. Complete with built in automatic cover. Numerous upgrade options including powerful hot-tub and swimjet capabilities.
Please do not hesitate contact us for a quotation and to discuss your requirements in detail.

Counter Current Swim Jet Machines

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make your pool seem to go on forever for less money than you think

Many of our countercurrent jet pools already include swimjets. Our larger pools are also well suited to be used as SWIMSPAS. All you need is the addition of a COUNTERCURRENT SWIMJET. You can have all the fun and fitness possibilities of a big pool, without the expense or space requirements. Please follow the link for details.

The excavation work for a glassfibre swimming pool is quite straightforward. The floor must be leveled quite carefully however & finished with a hard stable surface layer to properly support the weight of the shell. This is why it pays to buy from experienced qualified swimming pool specialists like A G Budget Swimming Pools. Once you have had the hole ready, we can often help you with installation at no extra charge.

It is not quite as simple as digging a hole one day, and dropping a pool in the next. There is a bit more effort involved to do it properly, but it's definitely worth it. We have built up a lovely selection of excellent grp pools to choose from. They are all superb value, especially if you want a fancy curved shape that is difficult to create any other way.

You can buy from A G Budget with confidence, because we make sure that we only deal with the most well established ethical and reputable suppliers - people and products that we have known and trusted for many years.


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