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Classic 5

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5.0 x 3m Length x Breadth x 1.0 - 1.3m Depth
about 16'5" x 9'10" x 39" - 51")

Fibreglass composites can be manufactured with a flexibility strength of up to 17 time that of concrete, minimising the risk of ground-movements and associated damage. The use of cutting-edge technology and strict adherence to correct production methods ensure that our pools are of the highest quality.

Not only are fibreglass pools easier and more cost-effective to maintain, the smooth finish on the gelcoat layer provides less opportunity for bacteria and algae to take hold or grow.

As with all investments, it pays to know a little more about the quality of the product you intend to purchase. Unfortunately, not all pre-moulded fibreglass swimming pool are manufactured according to recommended guidelines. Strict adherence to these guidelines enables us to offer you a product which is consistent with leading international standards.

The manufacturers in South Africa inspect their moulds to ensure that they are prepared to a gloss finish. This gives a magnificently smooth feel to the interior of the swimming pool. It is imperative that the surface of the mould is properly prepared as the product will be its mirror-image. This meticulous preparation process enhances the convenience and cost-effectiveness associated with these pools.

Classic 7

The gelcoats used on the inside surface of these pool shells are 100% ISO NPG standard, and are applied in a single application using the most sophisticated equipment currently available. The ISO NPG gelcoats are of a far higher quality than standard gelcoats, have outstanding UV resistance and are scientifically formulated for problem-free results.

As part of the production process a barriercoat is applied behind the gelcoat. This removes any print-through from the fibreglass laminate onto the gelcoat surface. More importantly however, it provides protection against blistering and osmosis that occurs when water reacts with the laminate behind the gelcoat, most commonly associated with swimming pools manufactured with inferior raw materials. This 100% vinyl barriercoat, applied with the most advanced equipment available, safeguards and guarantees your pool.

Using specialist technology the manufacturers carefully control the variation in composite thickness and catalyst input during the fibreglass laminate application process. The catalyst percentage is critical to the durability and performance of the final product. Using this particular reinforcing process ensures that these pool shells maintain incredible strength and chemical resistance. Their strength has withstood a stringent range of tests, conducted both in situ and in the factory..

big brother pools
Discount prices

6.2 x 3.0m Length x Breadth 1.0 - 1.65m Depth

Classic 10

big brother pools
swimming pool prices

5.0 x 3m Length x Breadth x 1.0 - 1.3m Depth
about 16'5" x 9'10" x 39" - 51")

Thorough application of an aesthetic surface sealer flocoat assists in preventing reverse penetration of soil chemicals into your fiberglass swimming pool.

Memories of summers spent in and around the swimming pool with family and friends last a lifetime.

For the past 20 years, our associates in South Africa has been designing, manufacturing and installing top quality Fibreglass Swimming Pools using only the highest quality raw materials and the most advanced equipment.

They are at the forefront of the Fibreglass Swimming Pool industry in South Africa. Their experience and dedication to quality provide peace of mind and ensure that your swimming pool remains a hassle-free source of enjoyment.

Discover for yourself what thousands of delighted Pool owners across South Africa already have... top quality fibreglass swimming pools at outstandingly affordable prices!


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