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Heat Pumps take Free Heat from Air or Ground and Concentrated it cheaply for

Swimming Pool Heating, House Heating, Domestic Hot Water & Air Conditioning

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Our heat pumps are the latest generation of advanced low cost ecologically friendly heating technologies.

How does a Heat Pump work?

Deceptively simple Physics and Engineering

harnessed to produce one of the most reliable and efficient technologies known to man for producing low carbon footprint, abundant cheap energy.

Essentially what happens is that cold refigerant is heated up for free by the air or ground. A pump then concentrates this heat and makes it more useful to warm up your house or pool.

The workings of a Heat Pump are similar to a fridge or freezer and they have similar reliability and life expectancy, which is about as good as you can get. A typical heat pump will give trouble free operation for at least twice as long as old fashioned methods. They are vastly longer lasting and cheap to run than expensive traditional fossil fuel burners like gas and oil heaters, because they are subjected to far less wear and temperature extremes.

Only a few years ago the cost of such technology outweighed it's advantages, and only people prepared to make sacrifices for the sake of future generations could afford a heat pump (other than the one in their kitchen!) Now everything has changed. Heat pumps are a well proven main stream industrial product. Reliability and efficiency, already fundamentally extremely high, have been exceeded and perfected to even higher levels. And now that they are mass produced, prices have plumetted to levels at which there is really no viable economic alternative in many cases. The fact that they are also good for the environment has become almost an incidental bonus.


Here are some more Scientific Explanations

The key moving part is a special long lasting high quality sealed pump or compressor (4). This compresses refrigerant gas making it very hot. The effect is a bit like a bicycle pump heating up when you increase the pressure with your finger over the end. The scientific term is an adiabatic compression.

This heat is then available for your

Hot Water, Central Heating, Swimming Pool

or whatever else you require, via the condensor coil and hot side heat exchanger (1).

The cooled refrigerant gas is then squirted at high pressure through a nozzle or expansion valve (2) where it suddenly expands, cools and condenses into a liquid. This is basically an adiabatic expansion. Because the molecules of refrigerant are attracted to each other, it takes energy to separate them, and this is why the refrigerant becomes chilled and liqufies.

This cold is available for wherever you need it, such as

Air Conditioning

In a refrigerator this is what keeps the food cold.

Now comes the clever bit. The liquid refrigerant is very cold, like the inside of a freezer. So even "cold" air or earth is warm enough to transfer substantial heat to the even colder refigerant.and cause it to evaporate back into gas. This works well even in winter. As you can imagine it works even better on nice warm days in the summer.

This happens via the evaporator coil and cold side heat exchanger (3)

air source heatpumps

This is precisely where the FREE HEAT comes from!

All you have to pay for is the elecricity to run the compressor, and in the case of air source heatpumps, a little bit more for the whisper quiet fan that drives the air over the cold refrigerant tubes.

The energy you have to pay for is less than a quarter of what you get

Over 400% efficiency sounds impossible, like perpetual motion. But this is one of those situations when the laws of physics work in our favour. Entropy and enthalpy and all these obscure scientific things work in a simple cheap way to stretch our planets energy resources hugely further.

These brilliant and robust machines are capable of supplying all your heating needs, all your cooling Needs and all your hot water Needs. They can stand alone or be integrated into existing systems, such as central heating and solar heating. Our heat pumps have full microprocessor control, with informative displays and error alarms. They are compact in design and have very low noise levels. They provide for ease of installation and maintenance.They offer outstanding performance, fantastic efficiency and great energy savings.

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