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Including everything you should need (apart from basic building materials like cement, sand and concrete blocks that you can get from any builders merchants). Pump, high rate sand filtration (complete with special filter sand media), plumbing and fittings, skimmers, water returns, floor & wall drains, cleaning & maintenance packs, plus detailed pool construction & maintenance instructions.

We absolutely GUARANTEE the LOWEST PRICES in the UK

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Block and Liner DIY Kits


Popular for rectangular pools. Walls are 9" unreinforced solid concrete blocks, rendered with sand & cement. Floor is simple 2" sand & cement screed. The vinyl liner simply clips into linerlock groove and is dry vacuumed wrinkle free into place. Liner should last over 10 years. Then an inexpensive new liner will make your pool look like new again. Block and Liner Kits Brochures

Prefabricated Luxury Panel & Liner Pools


As above but with far less need for construction & plastering skills for walls. Polymer panels provide good insulation & can be stood straight onto earth ledge - no need for concrete footings! Only after panels have been levelled is concrete added to keep them in place. Perfect for shaped or rectangular pools.

Kafko Structural Reinforced Polymer Panels Brochure

Tranquility Panels Brochure.

Freestanding Solid-Pool Blocks System


The SolidPOOL block system gives you the opportunity to tailor the pool to your exact requirements and have the look and feel of a traditional pool at a price not normally associated with a pool of this price range.

Any Shape, Size and Depth is possible due to the SolidPOOL and SolidPOOL+ design, any type of finish can be applied including tiles, liner, or reinforced PVC.

SolidPool can be Installed above ground up to 2m in height without bracing, and because of its lightweight construction only 3.7 kg per block its ideal for installa-tion in areas with limited access.

Solid-Pool brochure

Insulated Panel & Liner Pools

Thermal break swiming pool panels with a built in sandwich of polyurethane foam insulation for greatly enhanced resistance to heat losses.. Quite pricey but set against the energy savings they make possible, they are a worthwhile investment for the future. Suitable for reasonably straightforward DIY construction.

We also recommend our closed cell insulating boards which are a lower cost solution for the insulation of the walls and floor of any swimming pool. Our extruded XPS sheets are far superior to Jablite etc.Polystyrene & EPS are not as good at insulating the floors of swimming pools especialy in the presence of damp. They can absorb water, adversely effecting their heat retention performance.

Solid Concrete Pool Kits


The ultimate in luxury, but requiring considerable skill to get right! A hairline crack in a liner pool will probably go unnoticed, but in a concrete and mosaic or painted pool it could be a disaster. To pay for the necessary skills a fully steel reinforced concrete pool could easily cost twice as much as a liner pool.

Sunken "Above Ground" Pools


Budget priced but very strong prefabricated round & oval pools .These can be sunk partly or almost fully, in the ground, or erected completely free standing above ground. They are ideal to landscape or timber deck, and all at a fraction of the cost of a "traditional" Inground Pool.

Click here for inground installation instructions

Click here for tips on landscaping your above-ground, sunken or semi-sunken swimming pool

One Piece Glassfibre Pools

Luxury ready made glassfibre swimming pool shells. Ready to lower into a carefully shaped and prepared excavation. There is a bit more to it than just digging a hole and sticking it in. Ground preparation is crucial. But it can still be a relatively quick, painless and rewarding experience. We particularly recommend one piece pools if you want a fancy shape. For relatively simple configurations however, such as a rectangle with a roman end, a panel pool may well be perfectly suitable.

For a comprehensive selection of choices please see our detailed web pages on fibreglass pools

Commercial Permanent & Semi-Permanent Pools

Modular sectional galvanised steel panel commercial and heavy domestic swimming pools.

Extremely heavy duty construction. Extra thick tough lining. Structure constructed from very strong cross-braced ready made sectional galvanised steel panels. Designed to be to be bolted down to a concrete slab. Option of a complete commercial deck-level overflow channel filtration system. For full details please see commercial modular pool systems and construction guide

All products are also for sale individually at heavily discounted prices, including wall finish materials, paving stones for landscaping around the pool, pool covers, heaters etc.

Even if money was no object our kits would still probably provide exactly what you are looking for. Big savings are a bonus! Many types & styles. Rectangular or Shapes to suit every taste. For sale as individual items or complete DIY kits. Guaranteed Best Value you can buy with items that would be extras in many other kits. Big selection of steps - stainless steel ladders to ready made walk in stairs. Whether installing a pool yourself, or with the help of a local builder please do not hesitate to ask us for all the advice and information you need. Top quality Equipment - Unbelievable Prices!

Some pool companies want you to believe that unless you spend a fortune on pool equipment there must be something wrong. Nonsense! They've got away with it for years. But not anymore. Don't let them talk you into subsidising expensive premises or their lack of work in winter! For over twenty-five years we have sold the same high quality equipment as any other top class swimming pool company. It's just that we're not greedy, & we are very efficient & streamlined! We have more experience & expertise than most shop assistants you find behind the counter in garden centres etc. We offer the same manufacturers guarantees & back-up. We are always ready to answer your questions & give free advice.

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