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MegaSpa "Portable" Swim-Spas

Take a look at our unique new Swim-Spas Spa and mini-swimming pool combined in one amazing self-contained unit !

Complete with high specification spa equipment …..All plumbed & ready to go ….. PLUS …… built in swimjets …. So you can swim on the spot ..….and relax at the same time !

countercurrent swimjets
river swimmer

In case a swimspa is not for you, there are other ways of enjoying the endless pool experience. If you would prefer to convert your chosen inground or above ground pool, or you want to add a swimjet to an existing pool, then look at our large range of through wall & retro fit over the wall SWIMJETS

Please also see our Ultra Powerful Fast Lane Swim River counter current systems




Combine the pleasure of a swimming pool and spa. Increase enjoyment with enhanced fitness exercises. The swim spa is perfect for:

Aquatic exercises



Family pleasure

Using jets to create an adjustable current, the Swim Spa gives you the possibility to swim without moving forward. It´s an economical and space-effective way to improve the quality of your life and to increase the strength of your muscles, your heart and your lungs. Being user-ready in only a few hours, our Swim Spa gives you, with uncompromising quality, a 4-in-1 solution for:

a swimming pool

a spa a personal fitness centre

an aerobics/therapy centre

Our Swim Spas are durable, strong, easy to install and to maintain. Built to give you years of relaxation, joy and healthy exercise!

Prices include VAT      Delivery at cost - very reasonable rates
but craning &/or offloading of these swimspas (weighing around 1 tonne or more empty) may be extra

All sales subject to our terms & conditions & suitable access requirements. Please enquire for details.
Dimensions & technical details are approximate.
Prices & specifications may vary without notice. E&OE 2010

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