• Limits pool cleaning
You have designed and built the pool of your dreams, to enjoy moments of peace and relaxation. Your pool is a
source of pleasure and fun for you, your family, and friends. So don't waste your time cleaning it. Enjoy your pool
without worries.

The 1swim.com safety covers are installed using high qualty components of aluminium and stainless steel.

The canvas is 650 g/sq.m. instead of 450 which is used on other covers of the same kind. High frequency welding
machines are used with reinforcing band, giving the cover 10 to 20 times more endurance and weight resistance.
The sheet material is smooth so it can be cleaned easily with less debris sticking too it.

The use of sliders rather than rollers enables the cover to open and close easily and quickly.

The automatic system is hydraulic and the electricity used for covering and uncovering the pool is located away
from the water, ensuring the safety of those using it.

These new safety pool covers keep dirt, leaves and debris away fro your swimming pool. Simply close the cover
when you're not using the pool, to keep it crystal clear. The pool remains ready to swim at any time and you save
money on chemicals. It also considerably reduces evaporation of water when the cover is on.

The covers offer safety for your family and friends and help prevent pool related accidents. With 1swim.com safety
covers you save money, reduce pool maintenance costs and chemical use. You spend more time njoying your pool
without any worries.
  • Saves chemicals
  • Greatly reduces water evaporation
  • Protects the pool linings
  • Protect children from pool related accidents