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  • Please give your name, address and telephone number(s)

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Preliminary details for 1swim.com Safety Cover
Please attach the form below to an email completed as appropriate, and send it to help@1swim.com, or fax it to 0870-128-3188.

Or alternativly, just click here to create an automatic email already filled in
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  • Does the pool have walk-in or "Roman" stairs?

  • Do you require quotes for manual , semi-automatic and/or automatic covers?

  • On which side will drive unit be (viewed from in water)?

  • Type of track:
    top track (on paving), flush track (sunk into patio) or in pool (under copings or set into pool wall)?

  • Position of roller mechanism:
    on the pool surround above ground, or below ground in a pit behind end wall of pool?

  • Do you want us to quote you for a pit lid, or bench cover, to go over roller?

  • Colour preference?

  • Approximate distance from plant room, to cover drive unit
    (to help us quote for correct lenghts of hydraulic hoses etc)?

  • Pool Length?
  • Pool Width?

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