Independently Self Contained

Self Propelled Robots

Completely independent of the pool filtration system.

with dedicated self propulsion motor and built in filter for debris collection.

automatic pool cleaners

Tiger Shark

LATEST 2012 MODEL! Special introductory price
Manufactured by Hayward. Save up to 94% on energy costs with TigerShark Robotic Cleaners. Our energy-efficient TigerShark uses less energy vs most pressure cleaners and has been selling worldwide for 40 years. Its efficient cleaning pattern covers the entire pool including the bottom and sides, all the way to the tile line.

Easy to use and operate, all you do is take it out of the box, plug it in and you're ready to go. No additional tools required. It's even equipped with a convenient shut-off function, automatically powering down at the end of its three-hour cleaning cycle. Utilizing its on-board smart computer, it calculates the size of your pool for a programmed energy efficient cleaning pattern for a spotless clean pool - every time. This advanced portable cleaner brushes and scrubs while it vacuums reaching everywhere in your pool including the bottom, sides and steps. It also features an easy to clean reinforced cartridge element, which means no more bags - yet another eco-friendly attribute. As an additional safety measure, all TigerShark's feature a 24 DC volt, energy efficient motor.
Tiger Shark (Gel Rollers) for Liner Pools £735
Trolly £89

automatic pool cleaners


An easy to use and efficient robot from Zodiac for basic pools. Two cleaning cycles adapted to your needs: A "Perfect" cycle providing complete and intensive pool cleaning in 3 hours, or a "Turbo" cycle of 1 hour 30 minutes for users in a hurry or for pools that are not very dirty. Automatic cleaning of all the pool areas bottom, sides, water line. New SEBS brushes giving better surface cleaning and higher resistance. Ease of use: put the cleaner in the water, choose the cleaning cycle and off you go! For private in-ground swimming pools: maximum 12 x 6 m, all pool shapes: rectangular, round, oval, all pool floors: flat or gently sloping, all types of surfaces: tiled, liner, fibre glass, reinforced PVC, painted concrete.

Autonomously connected to 230 V mains upstream of the low voltage safety transformer. Controlled random cleaning path. Belt transmission. Climbs pool walls. Cleans the waterline.

Safety: Deck System, out of water safety. Diagnostics system, electronic motor protection. Manufacturers warranty: 2 years.

Accessories included: Transport Trolley, independent command box, SEBS or foam brushes, fine debris filter bag.
Indigo £1175

automatic pool cleaners

Dolphin M3 Supreme

A worthy successor to the very successful Moby range of cleaners. The pool Cleaner of your dreams. Recommended for pools up to 10m. (36ft.) in length. Cleans pool floor and pool corners. Brushes, Scrubs, Filters and collects dirt and debris.

Efficient scanning and cleaning performance. Self contained filter bag collects dirt and debris. Autonomous unit - no pre-installation needed, no connections to pool systems. Small, light weight and easy to handle. DIY - easy maintenance. 24 Months Manufacturers Warranty.

Dolphin Supreme M3 Specifications: Cycle time 3 hours. Cable length 17m. (55ft.). Filter Bag porosity - Fine Micronic filtration. Suction rate 16 cu.m. per hour, 5084 Imp.Gal. Motor unit voltage 24 VDC. Power supply IP 54. Output less than 30 VDC.

Features: Brushing - Floor & Cove Cleaning - Filtration - DIY
Dolphin M3 Supreme £874

automatic pool cleaners

Dolphin Supreme M4

Replaces the well established Dolphin Magic electric cleaner. The new generation in robotic pool cleaners. Recommended for pools up to 10m. (36ft.) in length. Cleans pool floor and pool corners. Brushes, scrubs, vacuums, and filters the entire pool including the floor, walls, and waterline. The new, advanced technology enables optimal scanning and pool coverage in a shorter cycle time.

Add-on extra brushing system is twice as efficient. The rigorous brushing and scrubbing action reinforces the elimination of algae and bacteria. Top-opening filtration compartments enabling easy and convenient maintenance of the filtration system. Three types of filtration options (ultrafine, disposable ultrafine, and coarse filter bags) cover all cleaning demands and requirements, from spring cleaning to ongoing pool maintenance. One-way water valves prevent the escape of debris and ensure rapid water drainage. Adjustable floats allow efficient scanning in different pool sizes. Low voltage motor provides minimal energy consumption. DIY easy maintenance, at user and local dealer level. Three year manufacturers warranty (all parts included).

Dolphin Supreme M3 Specifications: Cycle time 2.5 hours. Cable length 20m. (66ft.). Filter Bag porosity Fine Micronic filtration. Suction rate 17m cubed per hour, 5084 Imp.Gal. Motor unit voltage 24 VDC. Power supply 100-259V IP 54 Output less than 30 VDC.

Features - Scanning - Water line Cleaning - Filtration: option of 3 types - Top Access - Extra Active Brushing
Dolphin M4 £1345

automatic pool cleaners

Dolphin Dynamic Plus

The power of cleaning Intelligence. Recommended for pools up to 12m. (40ft.) in length. Cleans pool floor, walls and water line. Scrubs, brushes, vacuums, and filters, helps to prevent accumulation of algae and bacteria. Patented Swivel prevents cable tangling. State-of-the-art advanced scanning programme optimizing pool coverage. Wireless remote control offers a choice of automatic or manual (Joystick) command. The remote control provides a selection of multiple cleaning programmes and parameters: Cycle time, Pool length, Climbing frequency, Ultraclean, Lap pool and Waterline. Ultra fine filter bag collects dirt, debris and even fine dust particles. Advanced dual motor manoeuverability for precise performance. Patented clogged filter bag indicator ensures ongoing cleaning efficiency. 36 months manufacturers warranty.

Dolphin Dynamic Plus Specifications: Cycle time choice of 2, 3 or 4 hours. Cable length 20 m. (65ft.). Filter Bag porosity Ultra fine Micronic filtration. Suction rate 16 cubic metres per hour, 5084 Imp.Gal. Motor unit voltage 24 VDC. Power supply IP 54 Output less than 30 VDC.

Features - cleans Floor, Walls and Water Line - Swivel - Caddy - Remote Control - Clogged Filter Bag Indicator
Dolphin Dynamic Plus £

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