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Motorised Reels for Inground Pool Thermal Covers

Also see manual reels, commercial & large pool reels, safety covers and slatted cover systems. Please phone 0208-941-6618 for detailed and knowledgable assistance.

Prism Solar Reel

thermal coverings reels
Prism heavier duty automatic solar reel system. Powered by free energy from daylight. Includes 12v battery power supply in end stand, charged by built in photovoltaic solar cell. Adjustable 4" telescopic anodised aluminium tube. Ideal for bubble covers up to 40ft x 20ft (6m x 12m) and 6mm foam covers up to 16ft x 32ft (5m x 10m). Self contained. Requires no mains electrical power supply or wiring.

Prism Solar Powered Automatic Motorised Roller. Up to 15' £1275
Up to 20' £1345

Electric Rollers

thermal coverings reels
Kryptonite automatic motorised electric telescopic reel system. Neat slim design. The power supply, complete with mains to 12v D.C transformer, is safely housed in the plant room. This just needs to be wired to one of the stainless steel powder coated end stands. Adjustable 4" telescopic anodised tube. Suitable for bubble covers up to 40ft x 20ft (6m x 12m) and 6mm foam covers up to 16ft x 32ft (5m x 10m). We also have a 24v one piece tube heavy duty version for larger pools. Please phone 0208-941-6618 for details.
Automatic Electric roller. Up to 15' wide pool £1555
Up to 20' wide pool £1625
Up to 24' wide pool £1955
Remote control option £185

Battery Electric Rollers

thermal coverings reels
The Electrolyte is powered by a 12v battery housed with the motor on the end stand. The system comes with a portable transfer pack, kept permanently on charge in the plant room. A built in smart charger ensures that the batteries don't get damaged or over charged. If the LED light on the Electrolyte end stand flashes to warn if battery is low, simply take the transfer power pack from the plant room and plug it into the end stand overnight to automatically rejuvenate the battery drive. We also have a 24v heavy duty version for larger pools. Please phone 0208-941-6618 for details.
up to 15 ft £2075
up to 20 ft £2175
Batteries are perfectly safe in wet environments or even underwater.

Certikin Aquatronic Electric Reels

thermal coverings reels
Aquatronic Automatic Roller System. The new style Aquatronic Remote roller now comes with a control package designed to offer ease of use, reliability and value for money. Features include:
  • No hard wiring required, plugs directly into the mains
  • Trickle charge battery fitted to allow continuous supply in event of power disruption
  • Lock out on front of control panel to completely eliminate unwanted use
  • Thermal cut out to protect motor and prolong life
  • Easy to read and use LCD display
  • Operation from control panel or radio remote key fob, with remote key switch or push button option available.
For solar powered options please phone us on 0208-941-6618
Aquatronic remote roller up to 5 metres £2999
Aquatronic remote roller up to 7.5 metres £3449
keyswitch £99
push button £128
Additional remote fob £125
7 Core motor control cable / metre £10.3
Indoor PVC cover to roller connection £99
Outdoor mesh cover to reel connection £95
certikin aquatronic automatic reel
motorized control box
Suggested maximum cover size is 112.5 sq.m. with a length limit of 25m.
  • Can be floor or wall (back or side) mounted
  • R60 80G 24V motor as standard with pre set limit switched to control start / stop position of cover
  • Covers secured directly to roller tube to keep square while operating
  • UPVC housings to cover end support brackets
For ease of use we recommend that the cover is fitted with an Aquablade leading edge towing kit, which can be supplied factory fitted or for DIY fit.

Certikin Solar-Tronic Reels

thermal coverings reels
The new Certikin Solartron Roller offers the size and robustness of a light commercial roller, but with the convenience and flexibility of a self contained solar powered roller. Installation can be fully retrospective, no wiring to any other point around the pool is required and the roller operates solely from batteries charged through the solar panels.

Twin solar panels are mounted in a rotating housing angled at 30 degrees, the angle proven to be most effective for solar gain. The panels rotate through 360 degrees and so can be located, and then locked, at the optimum position to gain the maximum solar rays for each individual pool surround. The control equipment for the in-roller motor is secured to the support bracket and housed within the UPVC housings. All connections are simple jack plug and socket there is no wiring of any kind required simply mount the roller in its required position, insert the three jack plugs in the relevant sockets, secure the solar panels to the required position, place the housings over the bracket and the roller is ready to operate. The single piece tube can be manufactured to the required pool width, up to 7.5m, and the roller can be supplied with or without a cover/cover connection piece.
indoor mesh connection £
outdoor mesh connection £
  • Fully rotating, pre angled solar panels for optimum solar gain positioning.
  • Sturdy UPVC housings
  • Simple plug-and-play connection; no wiring required.
  • Stand alone self functioning unit no mains power required.
  • Trickle charge batteries housed in splash proof case within the UPVC housings.
  • Batteries supplied pre-charged for immediate use.
  • Key switch control for simple on, off operation.
  • Adjustable delay timer to allow pause before cover dispenses onto pool.
  • In roller 60Nm 24v motor with adjustable start and stop limits to allow accurate and automatic positioning of cover.
Sturdy one piece tube and support brackets - suitable for pools up to 7.5m x 15m. Suitable for all our solar and heat retention covers.

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