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What do our Inground Pool Packages contain?

Pump, high rate sand filtration and specialised sand media, plumbing, fittings, skimmers, water returns, floor & wall drains, pool chemicals, cleaning & maintenance packs, vinyl liner, coping stones, plus detailed pool construction & maintenance guides. Exact contents vary as appropriate for the particular pool kit you buy, but will always be more than compararable kits from our competitors. Items below are priced individually and also in discount packages. It is obviously more economical to pay for a complete pool package than to buy bits separately.

VAT and mainland UK delivery included over £100

Swimming pool pipework

Finest quality swimming pool pressure pipe, elbows, connectors, valves, adaptors, adhesives etc

For details see typical kit contents and swimming pool pipework and wall fittings

Wall fittings

Skimmers, "eyeball" return inlets, safety main drains etc

See items included in kits and wall fittings and flow control

Vinyl Liner

Handmade blue liner with printed mosaic tile band, plus linerlock fixings. Huge range of alternative pattern options.

See swimming pool liners


Beautiful sandy creamy coloured Caraterra Sahara 270mm (10.5") wide reconstituted stone copings. Other options available.

For further information see swimming pool coping stones

Pumps and Filters

Self priming swimming pool pump with strainer basket and access lid, plus high rate sand filter complete with multiport valve, pressure gauge and graded filter media.

For details of what's included see pool pumps and sand filtration

Pool Maintenance Pack

Vacuum head, telescopic pole, leaf net, pool brush, vacuuming adaptation for skimmer, threaded hosetail, thermometer. Plus vacuum cleaner hose 12m (except 20'x10' pools 8m, 40'x20' 15m)

For details see typical swimming pool kits

To help you decide what kind of pool to have see advice on choosing inground pools

For another option, offering the possibility of an inground pool very quickly and with the least expense, see our section on Sunken Pools

Please telephone us for further information and details