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Prefabricated Structural Reinforced Polymer Panels.
Luxury kits for extra rapid construction & much reduced labour & building materials costs.

A very popular labour saving construction technique. Unlike block pools requiring concrete footings to support the heavy walls, our panels can be erected straight onto the excavated earth shelf. Once they are levelled and adjusted you just need a bit of concrete at the base to keep them in place. The smooth surfaces are ready to support the liner. The cost of panels may easily offset purchasing and shifting heavy concrete blocks plus employment of specialised trade skills to lay and render them. Modern structural reinforced resin panels are quickly fixed together to form the walls. The floor is screeded and the fitted liner hung inside.

Many people construct DIY pools using this method. Walls need no rendering so plastering and brick laying skills are not required. Panels can work out cheaper than blocks because of reduced labour costs. Polymer panels are long lasting and corrosian free. Curved panels are available to produce shaped pools such as kidney. Wall dimensions are known for each kit so shaped liners can be made without needing complicated measurements. Deep end liners cost no more than flat bottom pools.

Kits include virtually all you need apart from sand and cement etc obtainable from any builders merchants. Pipe & fittings, heavy duty pump, vacuum-point for more convenient pool cleaning, independent valves on three separate suction lines, under-pool ground drainage, and custom manufactured liners, to fit any length and breadth you choose, to the nearest one foot. The luxury kit sizes below are just typical illustrations for the most popular.

We will be happy to quote you for any shape or size, curved or straight

Prices below are inclusive of UK VAT and mainland delivery

Panels and pool equipment can be bought separately, but a full kit is cheapest because of lower overheads. See typical kit contents for more information or here for a quick summary.

Options include one piece walk in steps, underwater lights, coping stones, and different types of liners.

Our panels are the most recent state of the art technology. Made of material with low enough heat conduction to make it unnecessary to pay any more in most cases. We do sell "Thermally Insulated" panel kits, but these cost well over twice as much money, and in our opinion they are not worth it unless the ground is generally very wet & cold. "Thermally Insulated" panels only insulate the walls in any case. But over 80% of heat loss from ANY pool is from the water surface, and this is cheaply controlled by using a solar cover! Much of any remaining heat loss is via the large floor area, which is no different to any other pool. Prices on application.

Luxury Panel & Liner Kits
typical dimensions
& depths
20' x 10'
5' or 6' deep
24' x 12'
5'3" or 6' deep
28' x 14'
6' or 7' deep
30' x 15'
6' or 7' deep
32' x 16'
6'9" or 8' deep
36' x 18'
7'6" or 8' deep
40' x 20'
7'6" or 8'6" deep
Pool Only £
Inc Copings £

Please also ask us to quote you if you require deeper panels, for 5' constant depth pools for example. These typically cost about 25% more than above.

In-ground poolsWe Guarantee Lowest UK Prices

See deciding on your inground pool for other options

Or for the possibility of an inground pool more quickly and with less expense, see our section on Sunken Pools

Click here for other points to note when working on your pool

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