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Heat Retaining

Insulated Swimming Pool Panel Systems

swimming pool panels systems

Heatwave Insulating Swimming Pool Panels Brochure

Also see our Low cost closed cell insulating sheets which are specialised for the construction of the walls and floor of any swimming pool. Our extruded XPS swimming pool insulation boarding is far superior to ordinary Jablite sheets as commonly used by others. Inferior materials like polystyrene & EPS are not as good at insulating the floors of swimming pools. They can absorb water which can lead to an adverse effect on retaining heat in your swimming pool.

It is also worth taking time to look at our Kafko Structural Reinforced Polymer Panels Brochure. These are a lot more economical and their insulation is fine especially if you also use our XPS insulation boards for the walls and floor. For further details see swimming pool panel kits and summary of swimming pool kit prices.

Heatwave insulated pools are a unique system of heat retaining panels

offering huge savings in running costs. Their clever labour saving design reduces the cost and complexity of swimming pool construction considerably. The insulated pool shell is comprised of ingenious camlock interlocking wall panels filled with polyurethane which is an eceptionally good thermal insulator.

Ideal for competent DIY self build or professional builder installation. The way the panels are designed reduces the size of the excavation required, saving valuable time and resources and reducing the amount of back filling required. The standard panels only require 200mm of overdig. The super panels need just 375mm.

The insulated pool walls areswimming pool panels systems

pre-plumbed with Certikin skimmers and inlets

Installation is possible within as little as 7 to 20 days. Suitable for domestic or commercial applications. In the garden or inside a building or enclosure.

Heatwave standard thermally insulated panels are 75mm thick. Under damp ground conditions they are capable of reducing heat transfer through the walls to as little as 10% or less of what it would be in an uninsulated pool. Our super panels are 125mm thick and perform even better, offering the highest U values of any pool on the market.

There is a 10 year guarantee on the standard panels, and 25 years for the super.

Swimming pool ownership is an investment in quality of life as well as your home, so perhaps it's worth spending a bit more and going for the best equipment on the market.

Prices below are inclusive of UK VAT ex works

You may also be interested in our walk in steps, underwater lights, coping stones, and wide choice of liners.


Heatwave insulated panel & Liner Pools

Pool shell including flow control fittings (skimmer, main drains, vacuum point, and inlets) and swimming pool liner.

Typical nominal dimensions & depths

6.2 x 3.2m
20' x 10'
5' or 6' deep
7.2 x 3.7m
24' x 12'
5'3" or 6' deep
8.7 x 4.2m
28' x 14'
6' or 7' deep
9.2 x 4.7m
30' x 15'
6' or 7' deep
9.7 x 5.2m
32' x 17'
6'9" or 8' deep
11.2 x 5.7m
37' x 19'
7'6" or 8' deep
12.2 x 6.2m
40' x 20'
7'6" or 8'6" deep
1.2m high panels x 75mm thick £6759
1.2m high x 125mm thick £8059
1.5m high panels x 75mm thick £7259
1.5m high x 125mm thick £8499

Lowest UK Prices guaranteed

Items to complete your kit

typical sizes in ft (metres)
but note: we can do virtually any size you like
20 x 10 ft
(6.2 x 3.2m)
24 x 12 ft
(7.2 x 3.7m)
28 x 14 ft
(8.7 x 4.2m)
30 x 15 ft
(9.2 x 4.7m)
32 x 17 ft
(9.7 x 5.2m)
37 x 19 ft
(11.2 x 5.7m)
40 x 20 ft
(12.2 x 6.2m)

Plumbing pack

pipe cement (240ml) (2), PTFE tape, socket p/p (10), T-reducer, T-plug, valves (2), socket unions (2), plus the following

pipe 30m 36m 39m 42m 45m 54m 60m
nipples (6) (6) (6) (6) (6) (7) (7)
90° elbows (20) (20) (22) (22) (22) (22) (22)
45° elbows (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (5) (5)
tees (4) (4) (4) (4) (4) (5) (5)
plumbing kit
1½" all above
£259 £279 £299 £319 £329 £359 £379

Filtration Pack

including high rate sand-filter & quality self priming pump with strainer basket

SAND FILTER complete
inc valve, gauge & media
16" £259 16" £259 18" £329 18" £329 21" £399 21" £399 24" £439

PUMP (heavy duty) ½ HP  £329 ½ HP  £329 ¾ HP  £339 ¾ HP  £339 1 HP £359 1½ HP  £399 1½ HP  £399
Pool pumps are water lubricated - never run without water in strainer pot. Must be fitted by qualified electrician. Drain filtration in Winter to prevent frost damage.

Maintenance pack

Maintenance Kit £139 £149 £149 £149 £149 £149 £159

Including vacuum-head, telescopic pole, net, brush, hosetail, thermometer

plus vacuum hose - sizes 8m 12m 12m 12m 12m 12m 15m

Underwater Lights

PU9 including transformer & deck-box £299 each

Square Stair unit

with cam-lock customisation 1.2m high £2039    1.5m high £2559

Semi-circular Roman End steps

1.2m £2499    1.5m £2849

Corner Step unit

1.2m £2059   1.5m £2499

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