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If you already have a central heating boiler nearby, then you can sometimes use it to heat your pool as well. You cannot pass pool water directly through a conventional domestic boiler because it would rapidly get destroyed. But you can heat pool water indirectly by tapping heat from your household boiler via a heat exchanger. These are of compact stainless steel construction, with an inner coil for the hot water, and an outer chamber through which the swimming pool water passes. If you intend to use a salt chlorinator we can supply saline resistant heat exchangers for similar prices. Please phone for a quote. We strongly advise against purchasing a domestic gas boiler solely for the purpose of heating a swimming pool. Taking the necessary plumbing and insulation into account, as well as the lower efficiency of these systems compared to other methods, it would probably be false economy. Many people control their pool temperature manually to keep purchase costs down. But if you don't want to have to turn your boiler on and off yourself you can plumb in a heat exchanger with its own motorised valve and/or central heating pump, just like your hot water tank, but with its own pool water temperature thermostat.


A G Budget Heat Exchangers

Designed to enable a swimming pool to be heated using an existing central heating boiler. Definitely worth considering if your pool is located near your boiler. Please note that only heat exchangers specifically engineered for use in a pool water environment are suitable and even then care must be taken to stop the pool water pH becoming acidic. Other types of heat exchangers may be destroyed by corrosion within one season regardless.

Optional pool water temperature thermostat £139. Threaded sockets £2 each. Manufactured in England using quality stainless steel. The choice of size is dependant on your boiler output. If in doubt we recommend the 130,000 btu capacity for most applications.

approximate thermal output of boiler in BTU 60,000 100,000 130,000 170,000 230,000 460,000
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