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Swimming Pool Ladders and Walk-in Steps

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Swimming Pool Ladders

Discount prices including VAT and delivery. All stainless steel 3-tread ladder £259 or 4-tread £289. Three tread ladder with stainless handrails and white plastic treads £229, with four tread £249.

Roman Ends, Corner Stairs and Square Step Units

For real luxury we strongly recommend that you build in to your swimming pool one of our ready made walk-in step units. Not only do they lift a simple rectangular pool onto a whole new aesthetic level, but they also provide a social focus where old and young can sit and relax in each others company. They are safe and convenient for all users, but especially people who may be less steady on their feet, but still want to enjoy the water or just paddle or cool off without getting completely wet.

Prices including VAT. We guarantee you can't do better.

Dimensions given are approximate internal width times distance out of pool side. Outside dimensions of complete step units are greater by up to 2' including fixing flanges. Standard steps are ideal for depths of about 3'4". Deeper versions of the more popular units are also available for depths around 4'. Steps are available with optional foam reinforcing, which is covered by an extra layer of fibreglass. This encased foam makes the steps stronger, stiffer and easier to install. There is also the option of a real mosaic tileband rather than the standard plain white. This looks very nice but will not be an exact match for mosaics printed on liners.

Standard steps are about 3’4”deep. Suppliment for deeper steps, about 4', is given in brackets where available. Foam is encased reinforcing. Copings may need to be cut or mitred to fit. Dimensions are approximate internal. Please note that if you are also purchasing coping stones from us, you will need to add extra copings to go round external stair bays. For more details of our complete range of ready made swimming pool stairs, including 4' and 5' high versions etc, see glassfibre stair units

  Reinforced plus structural foam stiffening Mosaic Tile Band
Square 3' wide x 4' out of pool £949 (-) +£146 +£183
Square 5' wide x 4' £1199 (+£86) +£146 +£183
Square 8' wide x 4' £1459 (-) +£152 -
Semi-circular 7' wide  3ft radius approx £1349 (-) +£179 +£189
Semi-circular 8' wide  4ft radius approx £1529 (+£159) +£189 +£189
Semi-circular 10' wide  4ft out of pool approx £1873 (+£189) +£199 +£607
Internal semi-circular 8' wide  *4ft radius £1545 (-) +£189 +£189
Regency step  4’ flaring to 12’, x 4’ out of pool £1669 (-) +£169 +£169
Corner-stair 5'x5'  *specify position if ordering liner £1149 (+£) +£138 +£123

Drop-in Steps

for existing pools. 3’6” (or 4’ deep) including 2 stainless steel handrails. See retro-fit corner stairs and afterthought semi-circular stairs.


Complete with luxury hydromassage jets. Fabulous value. Plumbed ready to connect to pool filtration system
Minimum recommended filtration specificationsin 1hp/24”). Optional extra pipework kit  £199

    "Granite" finish Mosaic Band
Luxury roman end with built in spa hot tub
£4750 (+£)
CORNER SPA-STEP £2749 (-) +£377.022 +£126


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Here are some examples of other optional items you may also wish to add to your swimming pool. Coping stones. underwater lights, heaters, covers and rollers. For a more detailed list see optional additional items for swimming pool construction.

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