extra strong winders

for heavy use pools

Reels for larger and heavily used swimming pool insulating covers

Also a requirement for most commercial and many semi-commercial health and fitness clubs etc

Also see electric motorized reels, manual reels, safety covers and slatted cover systems. Please phone 0208-941-6618 for expert assistance.

Certikin Clifton

thermal coverings reels
The Clifton single roller is a one-piece tube, fixed floor mounted roller for large domestic and small commercial pools with a width limit of 7.5m and length limit of 15m. It is designed to carry any Certikin floating cover which, if ordered with the roller will be fully connected at point of manufacture to ease installation on site. The use of an Aquablade towing system is highly recommended for covers on the Clifton roller to ease operation. The Clifton roller can be fitted with a 5:1 ration helical geared winding system. This can be done at point of order or added retrospectively. This is an ultra-smooth internal thrust bearing system in a solid metal housing designed for durability and strength.
Clifton single roller - up to 5 metre pool width £
Clifton single roller - up to 7.5 metre pool width £
Clifton 5:1 reduction helical gear box £
Indoor PVC cover to roller connection £
Outdoor mesh cover to reel connection £
clifton semi-commercial reel
clifton heavy duty gearbox
All bracketry and gears for the Clifton roller are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel. The tubing section is a one-piece 127mm (5") diameter aluminium tube, profiled for extra strength. Castors are not available for the Clifton roller due to the small foot-print of the bracket. The brackets must be secured to the ground for stability (fixings not included). It is recommended that rollers over 6m in length are operated by two persons and that covers are unwound from the roller in addition to being pulled onto the pool. Larger systems will be delivered by haulier and offloading assistance may be required on site due to lengths and weight.

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