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safety alarms

Water Safety Alarms

These electronic devices are very useful to provide extra help to protect your children and pets. Although approved to stringent French safety standards, they cannot offer complete safety on their own, without responsible adults to keep a careful eye on their vulnerable kids.

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safety fence

Perimeter Fencing

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This fence has been specially created for the protection of children & pets around the swimming pool. The fence units are fully compliant with AFNOR NF P90-306, the French standards for safety barriers as long as it is used in conjunction with self closing gates which are available as either in-ground or surface mount.

Rollaway Fence is a fully removable fencing system for keeping children and pets away from swimming pools and ponds. It is made from exceptionally strong plastic coated polyester mesh fixed to sturdy aluminium uprights which slot into ground fixings. Plugs are supplied to cover the open holes when the fence is removed.

Please note that whilst every effort is made to produce the safest fence, the impregnability of this fence cannot be guaranteed. This fence is not a substitute for parental supervision. No child should ever be left unattended on the patio. Please supervise your children at all times.

safety covers

Safety Swimming Pool Covers

All year protection. Their cost should be considered as offset by there being no longer any need for a separate summer bubble cover and roller, or a winter debris cover.Low cost all year manual

low cost manual safety covers

manual safety covers on tracks

fully automatic safety covers

Please phone for details of our new LOOP-LOC mesh safety covers.

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