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Diamond Compact Fibreglass Pool


All these pools are suitable for installing with a built-in or over-the-wall counter-flow  swim jet machine. But as it's name suggests this compact swimming pool is the major one that has been specifically designed with countercurrent swimming in mind.

Diamond-40 4m x 2.2m  13'1" x 7'2"  depth 1.2m  3'11"  1980 gal

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The Edge Pool


Ideal for the smaller garde, terrace or patio. Despite it's fairly modest size the sideways configuration provides a lovely wide panoramic aspect, and also plenty of room to expand your swimming against a swim-jet.

Edge Pool 5m x 3.3m  16'4" x 10'9"  depth 1.4m - 4'7"  5060 gal

Curves-75 Swimming Pool


A unique twist on a beautifully simple design. It's near enough to a rectangle for straight line swimming, but the built in steps provide an interesting focal point as well as a comfortable place to relax.

Curves-75 7.5m x 3.3m  24'7" x 10'9"  depth 1.02m - 1.7m  3'4" - 5'6"  7260 gal

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Classic-85. Pure minimalist design


Simple and elegant in the traditional classic style. Classic Pool. Classic price.

Classic-85 8.5m x 4m  27'10" x 13'1"  depth  1.1m - 1.7m  3'7" - 5'6"  10120 gal

Roman-95 - timeless traditional pool shape


The most traditional of all swimming pool configurations, with it's lovely walk in roman-end stairway and relaxation area.

Roman-95 9.5m x 4m  31'2" x 13'1"  depth 1.1m - 1.7m  3'7" - 5'6"  11550 gal

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Flare 5.5m x 3m (about 18'1" x 9'10")depth 1.5m (about 4'11")



Omega  6.2m x 3.3m (approximately 20'4" x 10'10") depth 1.5m (approx 4'11")

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Blaze pool costs



Blaze about 7.5m x 3.75m (24'7" x 12'4") depth 1.5m (4'11")



Alpha about 9m x 3.80m (29'6" x 12'6") depth 1.5m (about 4'11")

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Alpha pool BROCHURE

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Sun Classic-11 pool BROCHURE

Sun Classic-11. The big classical "instant" swimming pool


This shell is made in England because it's too big to bring over from abroad. One of the biggest one piece pool shells on the market. Created with the pride and craftsmanship of traditional boat building. A lot of pool for your money

Classic-11  11m x 4.3m x max depth 2m (approx 36' x 14' x 6'6")


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