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hidrojet calipso kripsol karpa
hidrojet calipso kripsol karpa

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Countercurent swimjets transform an ordinary pool into something more like a never ending stream and make it seem a lot bigger. A fun playground for children. A healthy exercise environment for everyone. It is fashionable, in these days of rising energy costs and stay at home vacations, to spend less money by purchasing smaller pools, which are cheaper to run and make less dominant use of your precious garden space, but still get the benefit of swimming without having to turn round every few strokes.

Budget Swimjets
jetstreams swimjets

Budget prices with no sacrifice in quality. Built in swimming jet systems. Exercise for swimmers.

Healthy enjoyment for family and friends.

Countercurrent Swimming Pools
jetstreams swimjets

The best swim of your life. The best swimjet in the world coupled with our top of the range luxury timber pool. The perfect combination at an unbeatable price. For other possibilities please also see swimspas

Endless Fast Lane
fast lane swim rivers

Ultra powerful smooth non turbulent professional swimming trainer.

Smart Swimfinity
infinite swimming countercurrents

New! Smooth, non-turbulent steady flow. Fully adjustable from the most gentle setting all the way up to the most powerful water treadmill on the market. Can be installed in virtually any situation. Inground and above ground. Equally suitable for new and existing pools of any kind.

Jet Streams
jetstreams swimjets

From UWE the inventors of countercurrent swimming devices. Upmarket quality at very downmarket discounts.

Fluvo Swimjets
fluvo swimming machines

Household name top brand swimming counter current machines at the lowest prices.

Also see   Fluvo Water & Bubble Features

Badu Jets
badu swim jets

budget priced precision german engineering.

Pahlens Stainless Steel Jets
stainless steel face plate

Top end semi commercial high powered 3-phase counter current units


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