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Solid Luxury Surface or Sunken Pools

Kits with DIY instructions. Install fully outdoor swimming pools above ground or sink partly or almost completely. Or terrace into a sloping garden for a level deck on the uphill side. Save cash and still have just what you need. It is simply not necessary to pay large sums for a professionally installed inground pool. An above ground pool tastefully installed can look very attractive and give the same swimming experience. By careful installation it may even be possible to take the pool with you if you move house.

Our filtration will achieve the same water quality as an inground pool and allow easy vacuuming of the bottom. It is possible to use an automatic vacuum cleaner instead of a manual one. The steel walls are fully galvanised and coated to a high standard so will last for a great many years. Most come with solid pipe which can be buried if preferred to avoid trailing pipes. There is a choice of fully above ground A-frame or inpool deck ladders.

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  • Wooden outdoor swimming pools

    Increasingly popular with their natural aesthetically pleasing look in a garden setting. The Gardi range comes in 7 sizes and 3 heights. Although only 3 sizes are stocked in the UK the rest are available to special order. The basic structure is made from autoclaved pinewood planks 45mm wide, typically with a tropical hardwood top-rail on the better pools. The dovetail joints are reinforced with a stainless steel threaded bar that allows the frame to be tightened or taken apart with ease. These pools can also be installed fully or partly inground.

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  • Luxury Portable Pools

    We have a large range of Luxury Instant Fold Up Pools. They should not be confused with cheap pools from places like Woolworths and Argos, which are like toys by comparison, easily broken, and not very long lasting. Our portable pools cost a bit more, but for your money you get vastly stronger reinforced materials and inground quality filtration. Our pools will last you for many many years, and will definitely cost you less in the long run.

  • Prices of luxury portable circular and oval pools
  • Prices of heavy duty fast assembly portable rectangular pools

  • Further things to consider when chosing your outdoor swimming pool

    Find a sunny spot and see which of our many shapes and sizes fits best. We sell all the well known brands including Doughboy, Garden Leisure, Trevi and Vogue. Our experience over 25 years makes us highly qualified to advise you. There is a lot of choice so we will take time to help you with your selection. Your phone call will be answered by an expert and not someone just taking messages. We guarantee to give you the lowest prices and the best service.

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