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Above Ground & Sunken Pool Kits

  • Circular Pool Kits - quickly erected, and needing the least skill.
  • Oval Family Pools - ideal if space is tight and you want to swim lengths.
  • Wooden Swimming Pools - you can't beat the allure of a natural timber and liner swimming pool. Choose between solid wooden walls or the less expensive but arguably equally attractive steel reinforced pools with timber cladding.

Steel or wooden pools with tough vinyl liners. A couple of good DIY'ers should be able to assemble a circular pool within a couple of days. Oval pools take a day or two longer because of the side supports.

There is no need to construct a solid base for our steel wall and liner pools; in fact the concrete could actually get in the way! Just dig down to hard, level, undisturbed soil. Then set out the bottom rails, insert the steel wall, which comes complete, rolled up in a box. Fit the liner, fill, and finish off the top rails of your new pool. You might have to struggle a little bit lining up some of the holes to put the screws in, but apart from that it's all pretty straightforward. Circular pools are easier than the oval ones. And some of the more expensive pools require fewer screws or none at all.

Our top of the range steel wall and liner pools (not splashers!) can just as well be erected on the bottom of a hole in the earth, to create a sunken or partially sunken pool. Once the pool is filled with water and rigid, it is just a matter of backfilling with a lean mix of sand and cement. Please ask us for detailed instructions. The result is an excellent, low cost, in the ground or nearly inground pool!

We do not advise you to sink a wooden pool. Although some manufacturers encourage this, we cannot see the point. You will get much the same effect more cheaply by sinking a normal "surface" pool, and putting your own timber decking around it. Wooden pools do look lovely landscaped onto the top of the ground however.

Portable High Strength Swimming Pools

  • Sturdy Portable Pools - easy to put away for the winter, or take with you if you move house. Extremely strong and well engineered, unlike the splasher pools below. Cicular, oval and rectangular.

Inexpenive splasher pools

  • Splashers & Childrens Pools - just glorified paddling pools really. As long as you don't expect too much from these cheap pools, you will be very happy. But don't buy one if you are easily frustrated by their inability to allow you to hoover dirt out of the pool properly, or run anything but the most basic heating systems. For many people it will probably be cheaper in the long run to buy a proper decent quality above ground pool package from the outset.

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