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Swimming Pool & Spa Heaters

swimming pool heaters Pool heaters can run on conventional fuels or energy saving alternatives such as solar heating and heat pumps. Pool heaters are no substitute for a solar cover. It is a waste of money heating an uncovered pool.

  • Electric from under £100 - cheap to run "off peak" Take up little space. Should be kept under cover. Maximum size for a typical domestic property is 9-12kw.
  • Swimming Pool Gas Boilers from around £1000 Rapid economic heat any time. Indoors or outdoors. Natural gas or propane / LPG where natuural gas unavailable or difficult to pipe to site. Can heat large pools where electric heaters are too small in output
  • Heat Exchangers under £250. Uses hot water from existing boilers to heat up pool water. Ideal if pipe runs are short.
  • Oil Heaters - greater outlay, but economic to run. Ideal for larger pools & where gas unavailable.
  • Heat Pumps - "Free" heat from the air worth up to five times the cost of electric energy they consume. New low cost models make them an economic as well as a ‘green’ choice.
  • Solar Heating - on roof or ground. "Free Heat" from the sun - an increasingly economic and ‘green’ choice. It is best to have 50-70% of the pool surfsce area in panels. If putting on a roof multiples of the fixed sized panels are joined to give the required area.

Swimming Pool Heaters using Conventional Fuels

Electric Heaters for swimming pools or spas

These are economical to buy and are ideal for small to medium sized pools. Ideally choose the largest heater that your electric supply can support which is normally 9-12kw. Any electric heater above 3kw will need a special supply as only 3kw heaters can run off 13amps. Sizing which of the larger heaters to have and its installation must be done by a qualified electrician. All electric heaters should be installed with a circuit breaker for safety and kept under cover. Some come with a time clock to enable them to be run at night making them economical when used with off peak electricity. The Elecro and Thermalec heaters are both British made and are of excellent quality.

Gas Heaters for swimming pools or spas

Pool gas heaters are suitable for medium to large sized pools. They are more efficient than using a domestic heater combined with a heat exchanger due to heat losses. There are indoor and outdoor and natural gas and propane versions. It is necessary to specify at the time of ordering as the can not be easily converted. Gas heaters are cheaper to run than daytime electricity and will heat up a pool more quickly as they give out more heat in a given time. All gas heaters must be installed by a Corgi gas installer

Heat Exchangers for swimming pools or spas

These are a device that allow pool water and hot water from a domestic boiler to come into close but indirect contact so that heat passes efficiently to the swimming pool. They are ideal when the pool is within 20-30 feet of the boiler and when pipes can be laid without problems. Greater distances make them less efficient due to heat losses. The pH of the pool water must be kept above 7.2 to prevent corrosion. They are economical to buy and use the spare capacity of a domestic boiler in the summer when the central heating is off.

Oil Heaters for swimming pools or spas

These are quite expensive and generally used for a property with no natural gas, especially if the house is already heated by oil. Like gas heaters they will heat up a pool quickly and are ideal for medium to large sized pools.

Energy saving Green alternatives pool heating.

Heat pumps for swimming pools or spas

These cool air like a refrigerator or air conditioner and use the heat to warm pool water. This enables a greater heat output than input making then very efficient and energy saving. For example a 12kw heater works on a 3kw supply. They were expensive until recent imports have brought the price down so payback time is reduced. Now the sales have increased and they a reliable green alternative to conventional fuels. The initial start up current is greater than the running current so it is advisable to check with an electrician this will not cause problems with the larger models. It is possible to use 2 or more 12kw heat pumps side by side in parallel if extra heating is needed.

Solar Heating for swimming pools or spas

This low tech solution to pool heating uses free heat from the sun and is becoming increasingly popular. It will still work when cloudy but heats pool more when in full sun. To get the best results 50-70% of the area of the pool is needed in panels. These can be sited on a roof, on the floor or against a fence. Multiples of the fixed size panels are used to give the required area. Extra pipe and fittings will be needed to connect it to the filtration system. It is advisable to check that the existing pump provides sufficient lift if installing panels on a roof. Some customers have an electric heater to supplement the heating during cold periods. Panels that heat domestic hot water are unsuitable as they are designed to have a slow water flow rate and high temperature rise and pool water may damage them. Pool pumps have a fast flow rate and water flowing through pool solar panels rises just a few degrees but the cumulative effect produces a warm pool.

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