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swimming pool heatersGreen alternatives to traditional fuels, to help combat global warming, conserve the planet's dwindling energy resources, and best of all SAVE MONEY !

  • Heat Pumps low Cost - Sophisticated machines such as Alto, Competion and Duratech, that until a couple of years ago, were only available for very serious money. But mass production and comparitively low prices have now brought this space age technology fully into the mainstream. They produce up to five times more energy than they take from your electricity supply. The rest comes literally out of "thin air".
  • Heatpumps Premium - Long established highly regarded machines such as Calorex, at the lowest heavily discounted prices in England. Market leading British made leading branded heatpumps.
  • Solar Heating - Swimming pools do not require expensive panels like those needed for household hot water. Pool water is not hot like a central heating system, so there's no need for expensive insulation, and the panels work perfectly well even though they are relatively low tech and inexpensive. We recommend that you back them up with an electric heater or heat exchanger for example, especially if you want to use your pool when the weather is cooler.

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