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  • Electric - relatively cheap to buy and therefore quite popular, but expensive to run unless steps are taken to limit their operation to night time off peak electricity tariffs. But well worth considering to back up alternative sources of energy such as heatpumps and solar heating. On their own, for medium to large pools their slowness can be disappointing, because most household supplies limit their power to less than ideal. For large pools they are only really viable as the sole source of heating if you have a 3-phase electricity supply.
  • Swimming Pool Gas Boilers - for fast economic warm up at any time. Until very recently gas heaters were the most obvious choice for medium to large pools. They are slightly less popular now though, with the advent of new high tech, high efficiency heatpumps available at much lower prices than before. gas is still an excellent option however, especially the amazing new 97% efficiency balanced flue swimming pool condensing boilers. Available for natural gas and for LPG.
  • Heat Exchangers - a very economic option if your household central heating boiler is nearby. Like a small hot water tank, they work by passing hot water from your own boiler through a coil over which the pool water passes. They have to be made of resistant materials to withstand pool water which can rapidly corrode ordinary steel.
  • Oil Heaters - if you have no natural gas, two alternatives are propane gas, or oil. Oil is a good choice if you already have oil supplies on site, and is capable of heating your pool up rapidly and efficiently.

Also consider our alternative energy saving pool heaters. Save money and help fight global warming!

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