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Luxury Kits & Equipment

at Budget Prices

Spas & Portable Hot Tubs


Soothe away stress and promote well being with our range of spas
and portable hot tubs

The natural therapeutic properties of water are being rediscovered by medical professionals to relax body and mind and relieve many ailments.

Spas are a wonderful focus for family and social life. Warm Summer days, at night under the stars, indoors or outdoors. They are insulated for all year use and remain snug and warm even in the coldest winter.

Soft Tubs
stainless steel face plate

Extra portable lightweight low cost luxury spas. Especially practical and convenient where access is limited.

Swim Spas
stainless steel face plate

All in one ready made portable hydrotherapy swimming pool spas.

Overflow Spas
stainless steel face plate

Luxury commercial and high end domestic deck level overflow portable hot tubs.

Patio Pools & Swimspas
stainless steel face plate

compact glassfibre drop in swimming pool shells and powerful infinite pool countercurrent swim jet machines.

Budget Hot Tubs
stainless steel face plate

From Garden Leisure. The height of Luxury at budget prices.

Built In Spa Shells
stainless steel face plate

Fully plumbed in the finest acrylic. Thermo-formed, reinforced, fully insulated. Sizes from 4 to a massive 10 person capacity. Require a separate pump, filtration & control "skid-unit" for sale alone & with other accessories.

Tiled Deck Level Overflow Spas
stainless steel face plate

Mosaic tiled, or rim tiled acrylic finishes with a multitude of invigorating hydrotherapy jets of all varieties. High density full foam block construction giving maximum heat retention and support. Thick heat retention floating cover. Overflow weir with grill in durable plastic finish. Balance tank. Underwater light. Filtration - Filter pump, blower, booster pump, heat exchanger (exchanges other heat source i.e. sand filter, automatic timed air control).

Luxury Mosaic Swimspas
stainless steel face plate

Space saving but opulent. Incredible heat retention properties. Enjoy yourself without worrying about wasting your money on excessive fuel bills. Smaller volume than ordinary swimming pools so you can enjoy warm bathing comfort on tap at any time of year. The perfect aquatic space to entertain, exercise and relax. Beautiful hand tiled finish in your own choice of mosaics.

Teak Hot Tubs. Genuine hand-built traditional construction - something very special. Made to exacting specifications to ensure quality & durability. Also commercial spas and domestic whirlpool baths.

Gazebo enclosures for sheltered & secluded bathing, Free standing or fitted directly onto the top of your spa.

Self contained portable spas Fill up, plug in, & enjoy (after some simple steps to ensure hygiene & safety of course!).

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