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In-Ground Swimming Pools

How do I choose what type to build?

In-ground pools

For a low cost alternative to traditional inground pools also see sunken "above ground" pools which many of our customers sink in the ground at a fraction of the cost.

bock and liner swimming pools


A very popular way to build traditional inground pools. Liners should last at least 10 years and are straightforward and economical to replace, making the pool look like new again. Liner pools require less DIY skills than concrete shells.

An inexpensive technique using standard building materials such as concrete blocks, sand, shingle and cement, that you can buy from any good builders merchants. Our kits include pumps, filters, skimmers, water return inlets, liners and everything else you need to build your own beautiful garden or indoor swimming pool.



Labour saving quicker alternatives to blocks. Plastering and brick laying skills not needed for the ready made walls. Potentially cheaper than blocks because of reduced labour costs. Our modern polymer panels already have such good insulating properties that we do not think it is worth paying twice as much for bulky double skinned insulated wall sections, especially since walls only account for a small proportion of total heat losses from pools anyway.

We can also supply panels made of fibreglass or galvanised steel if you prefer. These typically cost about 10% more than modern structural polymer panels which have largely superseded them.

Panels are perfect for rectangular pools, but they are also very advantageous if you want to create a curved pool. We can design many shapes and sizes. Kidney, teardrop, pear, L-shaped, oval, circle etc. Please phone 0208 941 6618 and ask us to quote you.



Solid concrete steel reinforced shells make the ultimate pools. Technically far more demanding than block or panel swimming pool construction methods. Not for the faint-hearted.

Using qualified experts can result in the finished project costing twice as much as other swimming pools, but without the necessary skills they can go badly wrong. Properly constructed concrete pools are well worth the effort and expense if you can afford them.



Glassfibre pools are particularly suitable if you want an elaborate curved shape with built in steps for example. Quick and easy in theory, even if not quite as simple as digging a hole one day and dropping the pool in the next. Basically you just lower the shell into a prepared hole and backfill.

A certain amount of careful groundwork is still needed first however. You also need to ascertain whether transporter access may cause problems, or even if you might require craning over your house. In the past there may have been a few poor quality glassfibre pools around with a reputation for crazing and become dull with time and there were worries about water penetration due to osmosis. But the state of the art finishes on all our latest pools have overcome such problems.

Please note that we only deal with well established manufacturers and suppliers that we have known and trusted for many years. Beware of glassfibre pools from other sources especially those with claims that sound too good to be true.



Our new modular pool range is free-standing meaning no struts are required leading to a minimum excavation area, making it an ideal solution for small areas and indoor swimming pools.

SolidPool can be Installed above ground up to 2m in height without bracing, and because of its lightweight construction only 3.7 kg per block its ideal for installation in areas with limited access.

Any Shape, Size and Depth is possible due to the SolidPOOL and SolidPOOL+ design, any type of finish can be applied including tiles, liner, or reinforced PVC


To help you choose what kind of inground pool to have, just ring us now for friendly expert advice