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Inground Swimming Pool Kit Prices

Inground Swimming Pool Kits

The traditional way to build a luxury swimming pool. Liner pools are the safest for do-it-yourself. Panel pool kits remove the need for a lot of the labour and skill requirements. Glassfibre pool kits are only recommended if this is the only way you can get the shape you want.

  • Block and Liner Pool Kits - Everything you need for your DIY or professionally installed swimming pool, apart from sand, cement, and the actual concrete blocks themselves, all of which you can easily obtain from any good builders merchants.
  • Panel and Liner Pool Kits - The panels go straight onto an earth shelf so no need for footings. Simply bolt together, with walk in stair units if desired, ready to fit the liner.
  • Concrete Pools - Not for the faint hearted. Emphatically not a normal DIY job. Expert knowledge is required to avoid expensive problems later.
  • One piece Fibreglass Pools - Definitely not just a simple matter of dropping an entire pool into a quickly dug hole, despite what some sales person with a vested interest might tell you. If you are after a beautiful pool that's straightforward to install, then panel kits or even sunken "above ground" pools are the best for most people.

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