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Sinkable and Surface Swimming Pools

Above ground pools

Prices of pre-fabricated swimming pools that can be used an an inexpensive substitute for traditionally constructed luxury inground swimming pools.

Although primarily designed to go on the ground, the best quality steel wall and liner swimming pools (and some wooden pools) can also be erected in an excavated hole. Rather than just putting the soil back (which would risk damage) it is possible to backfill with sand and cement in such a way that the pool itself is left protected by a simply constructed retaining wall.

  • Circular Pool Kits - the least complicated to put together. You could be swimming in days.
  • Oval Family Pools - the perfect shape to make optimum use of the garden space available. Well within the capacity of good DIY'ers, but more tricky to assemble than round pools because of the side supports.
  • Wooden Swimming Pools - some timber pools are approved for sinking, but we believe they look so nice standing on the surface that it's a pity to bury them out of sight. If you really want the look and feel of a real timber sunken swimming pool, then there's a lot to be said for sinking a less expensive steel walled pool and using the spare cash left over to buy your own wooden cladding and decking.

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