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Pools in Britain need to be covered. In summer a solar cover transfers heat from the sun to the water and prevents hear loss due to evaporation as well as insulating the surface. In winter a debris cover keeps leaves etc from blowing into the pool. Solar covers can be pleated off by hand off a small pool but removal is made easier with a roller. Rollers can be manually or electrically operated. Pool safety is a concern for families with small children so safety covers are increasingly in demand. These also can be manually or electrically operated. A safety cover is used summer and winter instead of a solar and winter cover. There are also heat retention covers for indoor pools.

Swimming Pool Solar covers

solar bubble covers

There are different colours and thicknesses.  For inground pools 400 micron is preferred in either blue, black, or blue with a silver back. The blue silver has greater heat retention as the silver reflects heat back into the pool. There are thicker 500 micron covers which are slightly stronger. They are available in blue with a gold back or clear. The blue gold retains extre heat like the blue silver. The clear cover takes its colour from the water underneath so is the least visible. There is also a 600 micro blue silver cover. This is strong but its weight and stiffness makes it harder to handle. When off the pool solar covers should be covered with a white reflective sheet to prevent them over heating in the sun.
Inground covers are made to order and are priced according to size. Tow kits are available that consist of a leading front edge and ropes. These can be factory fitted or provided as a kit and make it easier to put the cover back on.

Solar Bubble Cover prices

Spa & Pool Heat Retention covers

foam thermal covers

Foam Covers

These are made of foam trapped between two layers of vinyl. They are approximately 6mm or 12mm thick with an extra cost for shaping. The pool or spa should be accurately measured as they are difficult to trim on site. They provide no solar gain so as best used with pools enclosed in a building with an opaque roof.

Thermal Foam Cover prices
hexagonal spa cover

Hard Spa Covers

See spa covers hard top for full details

Rollers and Reels for Swimming Pool Covers

rollers reels

These stand on the deckat the end of the pool. Straps attach the cover to the roller so that the cover can be wound onto the roller. The cheapest rollers have end stands made of resin. Stronger rollers have steel end stands the most expensive being made of stainless steel. Some rollers can be supplied with wheels so that they can be rolled away from the edge of the pool when the pool is in use.

Pool Cover Roller prices

Electric Motorized Reels

Electically operated rollers are ideal for those who find a manual roller heavy to turn. They can be either mains electric (low voltage), battery or solar powered via a rechargeable battery.

Electric Reel prices

Manual Safety Covers

Efficient, eco friendly all year round safety covers for swimming pools. Most economical because they remove the need for separate summer and winter covers together with winders etc.

Safety covers consist of a reinforced taupalin like sheet that is stretched across the pool and retained so that it can be walked on. The most economical is a cover that has metal horizontal metal bars that straddle the pool and rest on the pool surround. The cover is held at intervals with retaining clips. The cover is removed manually using a special winder.

Others are just like the automatic covers below but much cheaper.

Manual Safety Cover prices

Also see Fully Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Covers

Heavy Duty, Commercial and Semi-commercial Reels

commercial rollers reels

For larger luxury domestic pools, clubs, health centres and any pool where a tougher and more robust covering solution is required. We supply too many to list individually especially since many are custo

Heavy Duty Reel prices

Swimming Pool Debris and Winter Covers

winter mesh covers

These are made 2' longer and 2' wider than the pool so they overlap the coping stones and keep out dirt and leaves. They are fixed with straps, made of rubber or reinforced mesh, that peg the cover into the surrounding paving. The covers are made of a green/black mesh that is porous so water does not puddle on the surface. For a little extre the covers can be made extra strong with criss cross webbing and/or pop up anchors to make attachment to the paving neater.

There is also an opaque PVC cover which keeps out light and minimises algal growth even in warm weather. Ideal for holiday homes abroad.

Winter Debris Cover prices

Slatted Venetian Covers

winter mesh covers

A G Budget Slatted Covers are simple and quick to use. Operated by key or remote control. No more winding or pulling. Cost efficient and environmentally friendly, the most effective heat retention and solar gain covers on the market

Slatted covers rest on the water surface so double on as a solar cover. They are not sold as safety covers but do offer a level of safety if they are supported on hand rails within the pool. They can be manually or electrically operated and can be built into a special pit on a new pool.

Slatted Venetian Cover prices

Swimming Pool Safety and Automatic covers

winter mesh covers

These safety covers run on tracks, either under the copings, or along their outer edge. They can be either manually operated (see above) or electrically operated using hydraulics.

Automatic, Hydraulic & Lockable Pool Covers

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Other safety accessories for Swimming Pools

Safety Netting

This is a net that stretches across a pool and pegged down on the pool surround. It is inexpensive and a normal solar cover can be used underneath.

Safety Fencing

This is a fence that is see through so does not obstruct the view of the pool.

Pool Alarms

This device dangles into the pool and sets off an alarm if a small child sized object disturbs the water. It is solar powered with a poolside and a remote alarm that is kept in the house.

Pool Safety Equipment prices

Please note that no safety cover or device can substitute for vigilant supervision of children.

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