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Swimming Pools - Types and Choices

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Above ground pools

There are many different types of swimming pools ranging from the inxpensive splasher pool to luxury indoor pools. A G Budget aims to make a swimming pool affordable for the average family. We specialise in selling inground and above ground pool kits, equipment and accessoriess for DIY installation or by a local installer.  We will help you choose the pool and accessories most suitable for your needs. Price is a major factor and we guarantee to give you the best price in the UK. It is also important to decide the size and whether the pool needs to be portable so it can be put away in the winter.

Inground swimming pools

Our inground swimming pool kits include everything you should need to build a pool apart from basic building materials like cement, sand and concrete blocks that you can get from any builders merchants. These swimming pool kits include the pump, high rate sand filtration and media, plumbing and fittings, skimmers, water returns, floor & wall drains, vacuum point (for easy attachment of pool cleaner), pool chemicals, cleaning & maintenance packs, plus detailed pool construction & maintenance instructions. Liner and panel kits also include the liner and the panels. Walk in steps, ladders, lights, covers, rollers, and heaters are an extra as there are choices to be made. We will give you all the advice you need to select the most suitable items for your pool.

Liner pools are popular as they are cheaper and easier to build. A liner will last 10+ years and is straight forward to replace. Liners are easy to keep clean as the are smooth, kind to the feet and stretch if there is groung movement without leaking. They come in avariety of patterns with tile band effect top.

Concrete pools require more skill in costruction but can be built by someone with some building skills or a local builder. The shell is rendered with a mix containing a waterproofing substance and then is finished by  pool paint, tiles or marbilite. There is now a huge choice from beautiful mosaics to natural stone so the pool looks more like a swimming pond. Inground pool can be built any size.

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  • Sunken pools - the cost effective alternative

  • Above ground swimming pools

    Above ground family pools, sunken or surface mounted are cheaper to buy yet can look beautiful when carefully landscaped. They can be sunk partially or fully with paving or decking surround to provide a level walkway around all or part of the pool. ABove ground family pools are increasing in popularity with many models selling for under £2000. Choice and design has improved in recent years with different liners, steps etc. Most oval pools are now braceless so look more pleasing and some have the option of a deep end/expandable liner. Above ground family pool kits include pump, filter, plumbing, ladder, liner & wall system. Covers and vacuuming equipment are sold as an add on kit or as indiidual items. Above ground family pools come in a large range of fixed sizes so there is usually a size that is suitable.

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  • Splashers & Portable Pools

    Splasher and portable pools are the first choice for many as their price is so attravctive. The air ring and frame supported models are easily and quickly erected and can be taken down and stored at the end of the season. These portable pools usually come with a cartridge pump filter unit and ladder and some have covers included. Metal walled splashers are not as portable but the walls protect the liner so can be ideal if damage is likely by a dog for example. Splasher pools come a variety of sizes and depths and most are round. There are also some high quality portable frame pools which are round or rectangular. They can be erected on any flat surface and provide a similar swimming experience to the family pools with the advantage that they are portable.

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