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Swim and Relax in one compact unit

Health & fitness whenever you are in the mood. We can supply pools with separate spa zones, but many of our customers prefer not to compromise. Why settle for an inferior spa just because it is packaged with a countercurrent pool and vice versa. It can work out a lot cheaper to get the best spa and the best countercurrent pool separately. A good idea is to have the jetswim pool enclosed and a piping hot spa outdoors. We at A G Budget have experience of various arrangements, and in our opinion you can't beat breathing cool fresh air while soaking in a hot tub. Even on the coldest days it is so invigourating to keep a cool unstuffy head, get nicely warmed up, and then cool off and exercise in the countercurrent pool.

Swim River Pools
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Endless Pools
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Luxury Mosaic Swimspas
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MegaSpa Swimspas
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Also see Sauna & Steam


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